A Brand that Has Built a Well-Established Name for Themselves!

A Brand that Has Built a Well-Established Name for Themselves!

Unique Cosmetics has changed the game for many hair salon owners and stylists alike, all by middle-manning the supply of various hair care products that can help you achieve the hair goals of your dreams. This has been done through constant product testing, to find premium hair care products that salon owners and stylists can purchase to change their client’s hair to a state of lustrous, long, and shiny locks!

Unique Cosmetics is unique in its own way with the products they supply. Some of the products they supply to salons in and around South Africa and internationally include, but are not limited to Parlux, Bien Cacau Brazilian, and of course BM Hair Botox.

The company provides salon owners with the ability to order in bulk no matter where in the world that salon is situated. They also have payment options for paying off large quantities of products ordered through them, allowing salons around the world to give their clients their dream hair while still paying off the products themselves.

Unique Cosmetics reps the brand BM hair Botox the most, as they believe this is a game changer of a product. In fact, you can even go through to their website and click on their ‘what is BM hair Botox’ page to learn all about this stellar product that has changed many people’s hair for the better! Here, you can even learn what the application process is like and what amazing ingredients are used to make BM hair Botox.

If you would like to learn more about Unique Cosmetics, learn more about BM hair Botox, the application process, the ingredients used in the products they supply, their Brazilian keratin products, how to look after your hair after having had the BM hair Botox treatment, learn about their other product Eslabondexx, as well as learn how to get these products in your salon today, then you can visit them on their official website at www.uniquecosmetics.co.za

About Unique Cosmetics:
Unique Cosmetics was established to introduce the public to hair care products that actually make a difference in the health of their hair. Having been established in Cape Town for several years now, Unique Cosmetics has built a name for themselves as industry suppliers of premium hair care products. In fact, Unique Cosmetics products are so renowned that they constantly supply products to various salons in and around Dubai.

41 Medway Road, Plumstead
Cape Town, 7580, South Africa