A Revolutionary New Building Product

A Revolutionary New Building Product

People who work within the construction industry, such as contractors, architects, construction companies and engineers are, more often than not, faced with a variety of challenges every day - from struggling to find reliable and qualified workers that have the necessary skills to assist you, and bad weather preventing you from working to bricks being hard to source, uneven as well as expensive. Additionally, the fact is that a lot of bricks are not exactly the same size, which adds to the challenge of keeping the structure stable and secure. This and many other challenges are what led Andre Esterhuizen to start Stumbelbloc!

Andre Esterhuizen is the active CEO and founder of Stumbelbloc. Andre had many years of experience in the construction industry before he started the company and that is why he is very aware of all of the common problems that people in the industry experience, as well as those issues specifically relating to South Africa. He wanted to help people who had no experience in the industry be able to still produce solid structures at a low cost. After experimenting with building blocks for around 3 years, Stumbelbloc was started!

After all of the experimenting, Andre had developed a plastic brick mould that is able to interlock by itself, is self-aligning, as well as self-levelling. That is not all, these blocks are able to be produced and built into structures without the use of any external energy source! Stumbelbloc has a vision to help the disadvantaged, which is why their blocks can be installed without any sort of training or pre-installation factors, and they are very cost effective to produce. They take this even further by allowing customers to start their own businesses. They could buy a couple of the brick moulds as well as the mixture and produce bricks that can then be sold!

If you would like more information about Stumbelbloc and their brick moulds, or if you would like to learn about how these building blocks can assist you in your next building project, feel free to visit the company’s website. In addition to this, you can also find building manuals, house plans and a moulding manual on their website, simply visit www.stumbelbloc.co.za

About Stumbelbloc:

Stumbelbloc was started by Andre Esterhuizen in order to overcome many of the challenges that are faced by the construction industry, as well as to help people who are disadvantaged. Stumbelbloc has made it possible for construction companies to hire people with little to no experience who can mould and stack bricks with ease!



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