An Exceptional Company with Exceptional Products and Services

An Exceptional Company with Exceptional Products and Services

Mac Brothers is a South African based company that offers premium catering equipment and various services that aid and benefit various industries such as, hospitals, restaurants, and other establishments that have commercial kitchens. All of Mac Brothers catering and refrigeration equipment is made from stainless steel. This is one of the most hygienic materials available on the market and, therefore, offers Mac Brothers’ clients a more hygienic and easier to clean environment.

Mac Brothers offer an exceptional design service. This premium service is the re-design of your commercial kitchen for any establishment. Mac Brothers has a team of professionals who all work towards the main goal of converting your commercial kitchen space into a much better working environment with regard to health and safety, as well as other daily tasks. All this is done through an on-site inspection. After which, blueprints are drafted for client approval and the construction work starts.

Mac Brothers genuinely cares for their clients. They provide all their customers with 24-hour technical support for any of their products. Not only this, but they also supply a fire suppression range which can tackle various fires. Mac Brothers also supplies their clients with an installation service on all their catering equipment.

In addition to the above services, Mac Brothers supplies various industries with a wide array of products. These products fall under three categories, namely: catering equipment, their Mac-Care range, and their fire suppression range. In terms of their catering equipment, which is their core business, Mac Brothers supplies several different pieces of equipment to various commercial and industrial kitchens. Whether you require pizza ovens, refrigerators, display equipment, or any other piece of equipment you can think of, Mac Brothers is sure to stock it!

If you would like to learn more about Mac Brothers, enquire about their stellar catering products or their premium services, such as their design, technical, and professional services, then you can visit them on their official website at

About Mac Brothers:
Mac Brothers has been operating in South Africa for over 18 years. Since their inception, the company was able to expand by strategically opening branches in Johannesburg, Durban, and Harare, with their first and main branch in Cape Town. Mac Brothers has even opened a sister company that sells an array of high-quality medical, mortuary, and laboratory equipment. Mac Brothers has 2000 products and 20 suppliers who all distribute their premium catering equipment throughout South Africa.

32-34 Benbow Avenue, Epping 1
Cape Town, 7460, South Africa
Tel: 021 505 4100