Berry Dweebz Candy King 100ml Vape Juice

Berry Dweebz Candy King 100ml Vape Juice

Berry Dweebz by Candy King, the most eagerly awaited item from Drip More, is reminiscent of the sweet and tangy cigarettes of youth.

Each taste bud is covered with delectable sweet and tangy berries with each inhalation. As the sweetness soon increases, the acidity of the berries will tease your mouth. Each exhalation has a flavor that is a blend of sweetness and acidity that quenches thirst better than any other liquid. Your sweet tooth will receive the most pleasure from the finish's sugary candy flavor.

The newest candy vape delight from Dripmore, Berry Dweebz Candy King 100ml Vape Juice, has tart and sweet berries with a zesty lemony explosion of lip puckering acidity. Your palate will be tantalized and beg for more flavor as soon as you take your first inhalation, which will be accompanied by a rush of juicy berry sweetness. Today, indulge in these delightful Berry Dweebz 100ml bottles for a pleasurable vaping session.



This product includes nicotine; use with caution. Nicotine is a substance that is addicting.

  • Primary Flavors: Berry Candy
  • Manufacture: Drip More
  • Brand: Candy King
  • Nicotine Level: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg
  • VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

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