Buy Delta 8 Moon Rocks THC Flower at discount Price $29.99

Buy Delta 8 Moon Rocks THC Flower at discount Price $29.99

Introducing the newest member of the Moon Rock Family, Delta 8 Moon Rocks THC Flower! This premium product is Specialist CBD flower, directly sprayed with Delta 8 Distillate and coated in CBG kief creating the ultimate trifecta. These Moon Rocks are the epitome of the entourage effect. MOONROCKS DELTA-8 THC FLOWER The combination of CBD, CBG and Delta-8 allows relaxation to seep in, leaving you without a care in the world!

Tips for how to use Delta 8 Moon Rocks:

  • Moon Rocks are best consumed either in a bong or a pipe; we recommend glassware in particular.
  • Be sure to pack your Moon Rocks loosely in the bowl, tilting it away from the mouthpiece so there’s plenty of air flow.
  • Some people recommend smoking Moon Rocks with other hemp flower to help it stay lit
  • Moon rocks are coated in distillate and sticky with kief, so your bowl can easily become clogged

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