For The Meat Lovers

For The Meat Lovers

For many South Africans, meat is an essential component in most meals, and can be considered a staple in their diets. Needless to say, the meat industry in South Africa is vast and competitive. The country is a large-scale supplier of meat and reputable for their top-quality cuts - from steak, karoo-lamb, ostrich, and game to delicacies such as boerewors biltong, and droëwors.

Blaauwberg Group has held a long-standing position as a leader in the meat industry. The company offers a wide array of services with exceptional internal control over all operations and logistics. The different division under Blaauwberg Group include Blaauwberg Meat Specialities, Blaauwberg Meat Wholesale, their Groenland Abattoir, Feedlot, Karoo Lamb, Natural Namibian Meat Producers (NNMP), and lastly, Blaauwberg Cold Storage.

Blaauwberg Meat Wholesale can be considered as the central nervous system of the Blaauwberg Group. They specialise in wholesale sales to trade, including butcheries, retailers, wholesalers, and exports. They offer a one-stop-shop experience to clients and hold all necessary accreditations.

Blaauwberg Meat Specialities are expert judges when it comes to curating and selecting Continental meats. The product offering is vast, consisting of an array of cold meat options, traditionally smoked and fresh sausages, amongst other smoked meat products, spreads, poultry products, as well as value-added meat products such as steaks cuts, chops, roasts, and brawns, to name a few.

Blaauwberg Group’s Groenland Abattoir is situated in the Western Cape Overberg region. Cattle and sheep are sourced from farmers in neighbouring areas. They also have their very own cattle feedlot which is yet another division under the Blaauwberg Group. The Feedlot is situated in the Northern Cape, which allows for cattle to be sourced from both South Africa as well as Namibia! NNMP, based in Namibia’s Kalahari region is an export approved abattoir catering for South African and Namibian markets. Lastly, the Karoo Lamb abattoir situated in Beaufort West has a massive farming and feedlot capacity and distributes excellent quality mutton and lamb to major markets nationally, such as Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg.

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About Blaauwberg Group:

With over 40 years of experience in the meat industry, Blaauwberg Group can be considered as the front runners in the market. Their excellent control and management over all operations ensure nothing but the highest quality products and services. Blaauwberg Group serves over 200 businesses across the hospitality, retail, and government sectors. The company provides turn-key services and offers a one-stop-shop experience for clients which gives them a competitive edge when it comes to pricing and lead times.



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