Get the Help That You Need, Right When You Need it!

Get the Help That You Need, Right When You Need it!

We are in the day-and-age of instant gratification, on the spot service, and access to any information we could wish for all at the push of a button. Now while all of these things are effective, where instant help and service really matters is within the emergency service industry. A major problem faced by medical emergency specialists is the fact that they cannot identify the patient, and also lack access to medical knowledge of the patient that they are trying to help. That is why CrisisOnCall was started back in 2002, in order to stop this problem from occurring.

CrisisOnCall was established nearly 20 years ago in order to give you peace of mind when in a medical emergency. They offer customers access to a reliable call centre through a central emergency number service to take care of your crisis. The company covers everything from illness, accidents, injuries, and death all the way to burglaries, attacks, muggings, stolen bank cards, and cell phones, and they even help with things such as fire, geyser bursts, electrical failures, leaking pipes and so much more!

CrisisOnCall also offers wrist identification bands that medical professionals can use to identify the patient. The wristband will not only help identify the patient, but it will state their allergies, medical conditions, and whether or not they have medical insurance.  All of this information can also be accessed through their reliable call centre so that the medical professional can focus purely on treating the patient with the necessary medical information on hand.

The company also offers a mobile panic button through an app called Protect Me. The app uses smart technology combined with GPS to automatically connect the closest response vehicle from a nation-wide network of the best armed responders to a member in an emergency.

If you would like to know more about the company, browse through the various services that they offer, or if you would like to contact someone to ask a few further questions, then do not hesitate to visit their official website at:

About CrisisOnCall:
CrisisOnCall is a Pretoria-based company that was started back in 2002 in order to improve the efficiency of the emergency medical industry. They provide medical identification bands that emergency services can use to identify patients, check whether or not they have medical insurance, and also what they are allergic to or if they suffer from any chronic medical conditions.

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