Innovation Hub Group – A Comprehensive Business Solution

Innovation Hub Group – A Comprehensive Business Solution

Innovation Hub Group aims to provide Information and Communication Technologies Solutions in South Africa. The company was established with the objective of providing customised telecommunications services to businesses. The company offers internet solutions, cloud solutions, VOIP and PABX solutions, and IT infrastructure to businesses.

Solutions That IHG Provides:

At Innovation Hub Group, highly skilled professionals customise solutions depending on the needs of their clients.

Internet Solutions:

Fibre optic cables, which are made of glass or plastic, transmit data by using modulated light waves. Data is transmitted through these cables in a digital format. Innovation Hub Group provides businesses with up-to-date fibre optic connectivity. By understanding the requirements of different businesses, IHG always strives to support and assist their clients where possible.

VOIP and PABX Solutions:

The company offers a reliable VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system to all businesses, no matter the size of the business. Along with VOIP solutions, they also provide PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) solutions. This solution is offered in both traditional and virtual forms. Depending on the size of a business, the professionals of the company suggest the right form of PABX solution. They install VOIP and PABX in a hassle-free way and provide free geographic pointing.

Cloud Solutions:

In the current scenario, cloud-based solutions have become an inseparable part of business management. Innovation Hub Group offers a fast and secure cloud server hosting environment. An efficient cloud-based solution enables businesses to access stored data on different devices. IHG supports its clients to move from on-site IT solutions to a cloud-based solution.  The support team of the company is always available for client assistance.

IT Infrastructure:

IT (Information Technology) Infrastructure is a broad area that covers a wide range of requirements including software, hardware, support and networking. By understanding the needs of businesses, IHG provides a stable connection with fibre by installing LAN and setting up multiple routers. The company employs an experienced installation team to provide quick and efficient service. IHG offers licensed software to its clients that include Windows and Customer Relationship Management packages.

Apart from this, the Innovation Hub Group provides solutions for copiers and printers and surveillance. Their services include IT risk assessment, maintenance plans and remote diagnostics. For more information, visit their official website at:

About Innovation Hub Group:
Innovation Hub Group is an ICT solutions provider in South Africa. The company aims to provide tailor-made ICT solutions required for better performance in businesses. IHG has a philosophy to offer practical and user-friendly solutions to its clients. The company employs highly experienced and skilled professionals to provide effective solutions.

275 Vaaljakkals Street, 14 Avenue Offices,
Constantia Park, Westrand, Johannesburg, 1709, South Africa
Tel: 0800 0645 40 / 011 246-1136