Lapis Lazuli Afghan Flavours - Decoding the Afghan cuisine

Lapis Lazuli Afghan Flavours - Decoding the Afghan cuisine

Do you know which is the most loved cuisines of all? Try with some hints here—it is famous for its high-quality grapes and pomegranates. Did you get the answer? Let me give another hint, Kabuli palaw is its national dish. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s nothing but ‘Afghan cuisine’.

Afghan cuisine has been the most favorite subject of interest to many all over the world, which made top culinary chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Nigella, and Sanjeev Kapoor try them in their kitchens, sort of through eagerness. But if you have heard the ‘Afghan Cuisine’ for the first time then there might be some questions jumping in your mind like is it as tasty as the Italian Cuisine? (Chuckles) well, you have a similar question to this then, read down below and we’ll assure you won’t get disappointed.

Major dishes
The main dishes of the Afghan cuisines include—Rice, Qormah, Mantu, Kebabs, and so on. Each of these dishes has a delectable taste. The most beautiful thing about this cuisine is they have special spices and secrets to transform any simple dish into an overrated cuisine. Moreover, if you desire to try any of the Afghan cuisines you can visit the best Afghan Restaurants in French Forest, Lapis Lazuli Afghan Flavors and for your Dish-to-taste list, read down below to explore some of the most flavorful dishes of Afghan Cuisine.

  1. Palaw: Palaw is a type of rice dish but cooked in meat stock with herbs and a pinch of baking powder. For extra flavor, caramelized sugar is added to brown rice, and the dish is known as Sherbet Palaw. Besides, the national dish of Afghan is also a type of rice dish better known as “Kabuli Palaw”. What makes this dish the national dish of Afghanistan is the tender-full long-grain rice, dried fruits, golden carrots, along with the meat and vegetable stock.
  1. Bolani: It is a freshly baked flatbread dish fried with a vegetable filling which includes, potatoes, pumpkin, peas, herbs, and sometimes lentils too. It is usually served with home-made plain yogurt, lemon, and freshly chopped mint.

If you are a vegan then my quick suggestion for you would be to try this amazing dish at least once in your lifetime.

  1. Kebabs: You must have tried grilled meat skewers with burgers, have you? Even if haven’t, Afghan kebabs are here to load your soul with sizzling flavors. Most likely, it’s made with lamb meat, cooked in the finely prepared tandoors. You can also expect these skewers to be prepared with chicken and shrimps too.

Foods by Region & Cuisine

Hazara cuisine

  1. Yakhni: Yakhni is a sort of non-vegan soup better enjoyed with nan (flatbread). Also, the food tastes the best when eaten with bare hands.
  1. Halw-e-samanak: It is a lovable sweet dish of the people of central Afghanistan which is infused with freshly ripen dry fruits, Ghee or butter. It is generally cooked on festivities.

Pashtun cuisine

  1. Shlombeh: It is a sugared cold drink made with cold yogurt or milk, and cucumber.
  1. Sohbat: Sohbat is a one-pot meal in the Pashtun cuisine which is prepared with chopped lambs, ginger, garlic, and a few secret spices.

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