Live Your Best Life with ekko

Live Your Best Life with ekko

In the world of today, it has become increasingly important that we take the time to relax and enjoy our lives to the very best of our ability. While this has become more important, it has certainly not become easier as a result of how exorbitantly expensive everything has become, ranging from our basic commodities to our favourite pastimes.

However, this does not mean that we should stop trying. Thankfully, you do not even have to try that hard to give yourself the break that you deserve, especially not when you have ekko by your side. This is because ekko provides shareholders with a wealth of privileges that might not otherwise  be attainable for the average person.

These privileges can be experienced when going out for food or coffee, to watch a movie, and even when you visit your favourite spa. It should be noted that your experience does not become free of charge, but you are rather provided with a number of otherwise unobtainable discounts, deals, as well as opportunities for cashback, which allows you to start trying out new experiences while paying a fraction of the price.

In fact, many of ekko’s most widely utilised discounts include getting as much as R120 off at selected restaurants, the ability to buy 1 coffee and get 1 free at all selected cafes, buy 1 movie ticket and get 1 free at leading cinemas, as much as 20% off spa treatments as well as 50% off bookings at resorts, and that is all just for starters.

These services allow ekko clients to go on exotic holidays that are rich in new experiences and possibilities in their own homeland, as well as in select countries, providing them with an opportunity to see South Africa and the world in a new light and with far fewer restrictions on their budget. As a foretaste of what you can enjoy from the moment you join the ekko family, here are just a few of the spas and resorts you can book yourself into:

  • Brookes Hill Suites
  • The Venetian Resort
  • The Tower Hotel
  • Club Mykonos Langebaan
  • La Côte d’Azur
  • and many more!

For more information regarding ekko, how you can join the family, or even the many ways in which you can start enjoying any of the aforementioned privileges, don’t hesitate to reach out by heading over to their website at

About ekko

Unlike many other companies out there, ekko is seen to be providing a lifestyle betterment service to any and all of its fellow ekko family members. With ekko, millennials are given the opportunity to go out and enjoy a variety of different experiences that they may not have been able to otherwise. By joining ekko, you get to receive handsome discounts on all of your dining, coffee, movie and spa excursions. With all that in mind, why not join their family today?