Managing Your Debts and Credits – Accountability Solutions

Managing Your Debts and Credits – Accountability Solutions

Accountability Solutions is a popular web-based service provider that assists businesses by providing them with specific tools that assist with credit risk reduction. Members of Accountability have easy access to several services and important data. Whether you are a start-up, a SME or a large corporation, you can become a valued member of Accountability Solutions!

Members stay connected and well-informed through the networking system of Accountability Solutions. They have access to important legal documents and advice. This assists them in making informed credit decisions, as they are aware of the prevailing debtor alerts and scams.

Membership Benefits Available:

Intra-Member Networking - This service is referred to as ‘Accessibility’’. Members agree and choose to make themselves available, so that other businesses can get in touch with them; mainly for marketing motives. In return, members get an opportunity to contact other members for the promotion of their services and products.

Downloads and Advice – Members have access to different downloadable legal documents. These include documents, such as Deeds of Suretyship and credit application forms. Members also receive practical expert advice related to legal standings or specific actions.

Accountability Security Alerts – Members are continuously updated on the different scams which are circulating. This is also a good way to highlight habitual debtors.

Members have access to the latest consumer information reports. These include detailed information about every credit-active adult in South Africa. According to the requirements, these reports can be supplemented with additional information.

  • Consumer Trace – Through this solution, you can find more information on the missing debtors. You might even find information about those who are difficult to reach. Accountability can help in tracing and locating people quickly.
  • Identity Verification – Through this solution, a comparison can be made with the input ID to ID verification database. This helps to confirm the validity of an ID number and the associated forename and surname. The database confirms whether the information detected matches the ID status, which is verified by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Trace Alert – If it is not possible to find an individual, a Trace Alert can be put in place. When such an alert is placed, the individual will be notified instantly when new contact information is received. Trace Alerts are often issued when there is a change in contact number (cellular, work, or home) or change in postal address or residential address.

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About Accountability:
Accountability is a popular web-based service team. It aims to keep your business protected by offering you relevant tools, which assist in credit risk reduction.

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