MetaSpace 2045 Is Constantly Evolving & Creating Wormhole

MetaSpace 2045 Is Constantly Evolving & Creating Wormhole

A brand-new global online game called MetaSpace2045 is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In order to create the most advanced cutting-edge technology, construct additional Starships, and establish your own formidable Starfleet, players enter the MetaSpace as the leader of a free organization. They must recruit like-minded allies in this war-torn Star.

You can live and grow strong among the forces in this way. Spend your interstellar resources wisely to bolster your Starfleet by allocating your current and new resources! Explore the huge MetaSpace, which is waiting for you. Come try your hand at becoming a legendary spaceship captain!

The MetaSpace2045 Metaverse's official currency is the MetaSpace2045 TOKEN. In the game, it will be used for commerce and starship exchange.

About the Company:

MetaSpace2045 is a new on-chain large-scale online game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players come to the MetaSpace as the leader of a free organization, and you need to find like-minded allies in this war-torn Star to develop the latest cutting-edge technology, build more Starships, and form your own powerful Starfleet.

Metaverisian is the future of the core Metaverse

  • The MetaSpace 2045 calls Metahumans metaverses, design Violate Aria using meta-human technology as the first mission
  • Cast the second metahuman Violet Aria as the game character Vilma Dungeloxy and appear in the teaser video.
  • The third Violet Area will develop as a virtual influencer.

Start the Fun with Binance Chain

Everyone expected to die, but the black hole turned out to be a Worm Hole that was only thought of as a myth by humans. And on the other side was the Dawn system, another planetary system that was many light-years away.

This is the starting point of this story where humankind, who had nothing and was worn out from a long journey, settles and establishes a new civilization.

MetaSpace 2045 is a global metaverse platform for storytelling. It uses Smart contracts secured by blockchain, just like Cryptocurrency.

Dawners! The Wormhole is Here!

In the MetaSpace 2045 world, the term wormhole means updating new content in the existing one. The battle for supremacy between the various powers of the ‘Dawn galaxy’ begins. ‘Dawn galaxy’ is a strategy game and is a blockchain game with an in-game ecosystem.

Blending the Metaverse with the Universe

  • In MetaSpace 2045, through a platform-style gateway, the metaverse will be developed in stages like games, NFTs, FARMs, De-fi systems, and DAOs.
  • Step by step, everything is being optimized for Web 3.0.
  • They create blockchain technology through constant R&D and cooperation.
  • You won't have to wait as long for the world we're building.
  • In essence, developers and blockchain corporations collaborate in a sizable open source initiative.
  • Things are developed on top of one another.
  • Composability in the MetaSpace 2045 will enable exponential expansion just like Lego bricks do.

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