Omni Energy – The Leading Coal Supplier in SA

Omni Energy – The Leading Coal Supplier in SA

Omni Energy is the leading coal supplier in South Africa, as they serve both the domestic and commercial industry. They have a wide variety of high-quality coal grades. South Africa has a high demand for bulk coal, as coal is still the primary source of electricity. There are also various other industries that Omni Energy supply, such as the cement industry, boiler making companies and the steel industry.

Coal for household individuals:

Anthracite coal, the coal used in households, is one of the hardest variants of natural coal and, as such, is known for its energy density. This type of coal also has low volatile matter and is rich in carbon content. Besides the use of Anthracite for domestic use, such as for oven heating or braaing, it is also used in the commercial realm. The coal for household individuals is usually sold in bags, ranging between 10-40kgs. Omni Energy also sells wood pellets for cooking, domestic or commercial heating, as well as power generation. Omni Energy make use of both road and rail transport facilities to deliver products to household individuals.

Coal for commercial & business use:

There is a wide range of coals that come in different shapes and sizes, as well as different types. These different varieties of coal are used in different industries, thus leaving Omni Energy with a surplus of clients. The different types of coal sold is slurry, which is a watery coal, duff, spiral, peas, which is quite small, small and large nuts, ranging between 3mm-75mm, and grains. Omni Energy sell another two specific types of coal, namely washed and unwashed. Washed coal is when the dust and rocks are taken out of the coal and only pure, clean coal is left. Unwashed coal is when the coal is taken from the ground and all rocks and sand are left in the coal. Omni Energy delivers bulk coal by rail due to road limitations on big orders.

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About Omni Energy:
Omni Energy is a company that delivers coal to major companies around South Africa, as well as the household industry. Omni Energy are reputed coal suppliers who have gained immense popularity in South Africa for their commitment to their clients and their dedication to delivering their coal on time to their customers.

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