Persuade – Reputed B2B Lead Generation Agency

Persuade – Reputed B2B Lead Generation Agency

In the modern marketing landscape where attention spans are limited and distractions are almost infinite, attracting potential customers is getting tougher day by day. Traditional outbound marketing techniques like cold calling do not have the desired result. This is where lead generation comes into play. Simply put, the process of getting someone’s attention and converting them into potential customers is known as lead generation. Lead generation is a crucial step for the success of any B2B enterprise. But the partnering with the right lead generation company can be a challenge. This is where we introduce Persuade.

Introducing Persuade

Persuade was started in 2017 by marketing veteran Jared Koning. Since then the company has grown to become synonymous with business growth. Its clientele consists of more than 100 of South Africa’s and Africa’s largest and most trusted brands. The company has been voted the best lead generation agency in South Africa in 2021 by MEA Markets.

Services offered by Persuade

Lead generation helps in attracting users to a company’s website and nurtures their interest to convert into clients. Persuade offers a comprehensive solution to lead generation with services such as the following.

  • Appointment setting

Appointment setting refers to a strategy to attract new prospects by setting a date on the calendar for a company’s sales team to discuss their product and make a sale. Persuade factors in the outcome of a company’s needs analysis to develop a digital marketing plan. Persuade prioritises B2B leads to equip and empower sales teams to close the big deals first.

  • Market research

With Persuade, companies get a chance to properly understand their market through market research. This service allows clients to gain insights into how the market interacts and perceives it’s branding and compare it with how competitors are perceived. Persuade covers research planning, set- up and project management to ensure that its clients get the correct inputs from the correct group of people.

  • Outsourced sales solutions

Persuade consults with its clients to accurately define and identify untapped sales potential.  It conducts a thorough analysis to ascertain what is required. Based on the client’s ROI expectations, Persuade comes up with a personalised digital marketing plan.

  • Lead generation

Persuade has a tailored, automated and personal lead-generation process that accurately reflects their client’s unique vision, goals and objectives. It provides “plug-and-play” leads that require no quality control or filtering. Persuade’s lead generation services to produce a business growth solution that goes beyond statistics and figures.

Lead generation has become a prominent part of any B2B agency’s marketing plan. To check out the full extent of Persuade’s services, visit

About Persuade:

Persuade is a South Africa-based lead generation agency that aims to stay at the cutting edge of sales growth technology. They partner with their clients to develop customer-client relationships which stand the test of time. With several accolades under its belt, Persuade can increase sales and drive client retention.