Plumbers You Can Trust

Plumbers You Can Trust

Lifestyle Plumbing is a plumbing company based in Cape Town. The owner, Luke Urqhart, a licensed plumber, has been running his plumbing company and servicing Cape Town, Table View and other surrounding areas since 2012.

With residential plumbing being their expertise, Lifestyle Plumbers offers their clients a 24/7 contact service for all residential plumbing problems, especially if there are plumbing emergencies. They strive to provide all their clients with customer-focused, cost-effective, and diligent workmanship and, in this way, aim to grow their business.

Lifestyle Plumbing also offers their clients a certificate of compliance on all work done by them. A certificate of compliance states that all work done by the respective companies and employees has been completed under the country’s rules and regulations.

Lifestyle Plumbing has many services on offer for their clients. Below, we will discuss some of said services. Continue reading to find out how Lifestyle Plumbing can help you!

Geyser installation and repairs are a big service offered by Lifestyle Plumbing, as they can install any geyser brand ranging from 50L in size to 250L in size. This is both a residential and public service they offer for households and public buildings, such as complexes and recreational centres.

Bathroom renovations offered by this company offer you a chance at getting your dream bathroom without spending a fortune! Throughout the entire renovation you are kept in the loop. Your input is considered a valuable factor. The bathroom and style decor are completed according to your specifications and preferred aesthetic.

Complete construction plumbing plans are also offered by Lifestyle Plumbing. Their focus is more on installing these plumbing systems in new developments, rather than physically fixing a deteriorating plumbing system.

The company prides themselves on being innovative and offering unique solutions to problems, for example, they offer a rainwater harvesting and grey water system. In 2015, the residents of Cape Town and the Western Cape needed to be water wise, as the country was having severe droughts. Lifestyle Plumbing produced an innovative solution for harvesting and storing water to make life a little easier during said drought.

To learn more about the other services they have on offer or to view the work done by Lifestyle Plumbing, you can visit their website at:

About the company
Lifestyle Plumbing has been servicing residential areas in Cape Town since 2012. Not only are the products offered by the company SABS approved, but the workmanship of the employees is completed promptly and of only the highest quality.

Lifestyle Plumbing
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