Rugged Mobile – More Than Just “Hard Shells”

Rugged Mobile – More Than Just “Hard Shells”

Rugged Mobile is an authorised reseller of the Handheld Group product range. The company prides themselves on their mobile device’s quality: being rugged from the inside out. These mobile devices pass numerous military grade tests to prove their ruggedness. Their products withstand many environmental aspects, such as humidity, extreme temperatures, and sand and dust exposure. These products are also shockproof, with the ability to withstand fall damage, liquid-exposure and scratch marks.

What Makes a Device Rugged?

A device is considered rugged when it passes a variety of tests defining its ability to survive in certain conditions, such as dropping the device from a meter and a half on all angles, leaving it in tropical conditions for 7 days, to test the device’s ability to with stand humidity, and putting it through waterproof tests. Rugged devices are able to survive extreme, challenging conditions, whereas ‘normal devices’ would not be able to.

Benefits of using Rugged Mobile Devices in Construction:

Construction is a highly demanding industry with long working hours and many responsibilities to take into consideration, such as the management of products and people on-site and the building information and measurements required throughout construction. Instead of using inefficient resources such as paper that gets dirty and lost easily, and a pencil that gets misplaced or broken during the day; the use of rugged mobile devices assists in the safe and effective transfer of information, overcoming the risk of losing valuable information. The risk of having to replace your device is also decreased, as a Rugged Mobile device has a smaller chance of getting damaged when compared to a normal android device.

Their latest product:

The all-in-one Nautiz X9 is a new and improved ultra-rugged Android handheld. This product is the toughest of them all; with the capabilities of a normal android and more, such as a scanner, camera and GMC licenses, which allows the use of Google Maps and Play Store.

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About Rugged Mobile:
Rugged Mobile supply internationally recognised, high-quality rugged computing devices, which are subject to various military grade tests. These tests ensure that the devices are able to perform in harsh environments. You should choose Rugged Mobile, as all the standards of their products are an IP of 65 and above, which adhere to British Standards.

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