Safe, Secure & Stress-free Storage Solutions

Safe, Secure & Stress-free Storage Solutions

Storage solutions have been a necessity since the age of the Egyptian. As we move through history and look at the growth and accessibility of wealth, the need for larger storage spaces increased. With travel becoming ever more popular, it also raised the demand and need for storage facilities. As such, the storage industry has become paramount across the world, and we see continuous growth in the amenities storage facilities implement to allow for maximum convenience for users.

Storagetown is one of the companies which secured a spot in the industry. Storagetown offers a wide array of benefits to those who choose to utilise their storage facilities. The company prides itself in providing nothing but the best services to their clients. Safety, security, and convenience is at the forefront of their focus and all business operations are managed to ensure these components are upheld throughout every person’s storage journey.

Storagetown offers clients a 24-hour access option to their storage units. This option is available to all at no extra cost. The space you are provided is, however, slightly smaller, but this should be of no concern to potential clients. If the unit is packed using space conserving techniques, all belongings will be packed in such a way to maximise the utilisation of the space. Access to the 24-hour storage facilities is limited and one should submit a prior request to secure a booking.

At Storagetown, storage seekers are also provided with a self-storage option. These units are available in a variety of different sizes and have a minimum lease period of only one month. This is to allow for maximum convenience and ensure customers do not feel contract bound for an extended period of time.

As previously mentioned, Storagetown goes the extra mile to ensure people’s belongings are stored safely. Storagetown has CCTV monitoring systems in place which covers every angle of the facility. The system is constantly active, which ensures safety. Storagetown is located in a 24-hour access-controlled park with sophisticated fire detection facilities, an alarm to safeguard the facility, as well as armed response amenities. Visit their official website at

About Storagetown:
Storagetown is located in the mother city offering storage seekers a hassle-free, convenient and affordable storage solution facility. Amongst other benefits, the company offers undercover offloading facilities, large goods lifts, and eager staff members to provide carrying assistance. Visit the webpage to explore all that Storagetown has to offer. Do not miss out on the great service at affordable rates!


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