Shooshoos – More than Just a Pair of Shoes

Shooshoos – More than Just a Pair of Shoes

Shooshoos was established around the idea that your little one’s first pair of shoes should be more than just a pair of shoes. Instead, this companion should resemble fun, adventure, support and impeccable quality. The company believes that baby shoes should be both functional and magical. Not only should the shoes be comfortable enough to allow your baby or toddler to be adventurous and their curious-selves, but they should also support your little one’s growing bodies by protecting their knees and toes.

As toddler feet tend to sweat more, it is of utmost importance that the shoes they wear are manufactured using breathable materials. Shooshoos offers high quality, genuine leather shoes that are free of any toxic substances to ensure your baby and toddler’s feet are always protected and able to breathe. Thereby, preventing any sores or fungus from forming.

Popular Products offered by Shooshoos:

1. Baby Shoes:
While new-born infants don’t need shoes, it’s important that your baby has the right footwear and protection when learning to crawl and walk. Shooshoos offers a wide range of baby shoes for mommies or daddies to choose from. These include: pull-on prewalkers, ballet pumps, sneakers, sandals, slippers, moccasins, boots and oxfords.

2. Toddler Shoes:
Toddler shoes, on the other hand, need to be more supportive, as your little one will be far more active! Shooshoos has a vast variety of supportive, high-quality toddler shoes to choose from, such as maryjane pumps, slippers, sandals, winter boots and sneakers.

3. Wellington Boots:
Finally, Shooshoos even offers wellington boots for your little ones to protect their feet and keep them warm in the colder winter months. These booties are available in four different colours with sizes ranging from UK3 to UK10.

Every big adventure starts with a baby step. Shooshoos strives to offer you and your kiddies only the best quality shoes to make sure that their first steps are properly supported. If a friend, family member or co-worker has an upcoming baby shower and you’re not sure on which shoe to purchase for the soon-to-be parents, you can even opt for a gift voucher!

If you are interested in purchasing baby or toddler shoes from Shooshoos, would like more information on their products or would like to get your wish list ready for your upcoming baby shower, visit the company’s official website at

About the Company:
Shooshoos, established in 1996, is a reputable baby and toddler shoe manufacturer in South Africa. Since opening, the company has manufactured and sold 7 million pairs of shoes across the world! The shoes manufactured by the company are handcrafted using genuine leather, ensuring only the best quality for your little one’s feet.