Specialist Shelving Solutions

Specialist Shelving Solutions

It really does not matter whether you need to organise things around your warehouse, display products to potential customers, or even keep your medical equipment packed away nicely in the storeroom; shelving and racking solutions play a vital role in many different industries. Euroshelf, a merchandising solutions company, saw that there was a great importance in supplying industries with high-quality, simple, and aesthetic shelving. Euroshelf develops specialised shelving for various uses and applications, such as merchandise displays, point-of-purchase stands, cold and freezer room storage, general storage, as well as for the catering industry.

As mentioned above, the system is a big part of the medical industry, playing a large role in many hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, as well as healthcare institutions worldwide! As you can tell, Euroshelf’s shelving solutions can be applied and made use of in a variety of different industries. One might even say that they are the standard for many solutions.

When looking for or talking about metal shelving design, manufacture and installation, many Blue-Chip companies, as well as institutions both locally and internationally, have made Euroshelf their number one choice! This is due to the fact that the company is a specialist in designing, manufacturing, and, of course, installing the shelving solution.

Euroshelf also produces some key retail items such as food market shelving, queueing systems, bread merchandisers, and flower stands. The company’s shelving is also used internationally in many medical facilities that have areas of CSSD, Sterile, Theatre, Surgical, or linen and laundry rooms due to its natural ability to allow air flow. Another great thing about Euroshelf is that you can customise your shelving solutions to be manufactured either with wire shelf or sheet metal, plus there is another cost-effective option for high humidity areas.

As you can see, Euroshelf is the number one option when it comes to looking for metal shelving manufacturers or suppliers. If you would like more information about the company’s products, if you would like to see the various shelves they have on offer, or if you would like more information about the specifications of their shelving system, visit Euroshelf’s official website at www.euroshelf.com

About Euroshelf:

Euroshelf spent years experimenting with different designs and applications of wire shelving and eventually developed an internationally acclaimed merchandise shelving solution. The company manufactures all sorts of solutions for various different applications and has been the number one choice for many Blue-Chip companies for many years.



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