Stumbelbloc - Plastic Brick Mould Specialists

Stumbelbloc - Plastic Brick Mould Specialists

Stumbelbloc is an innovative company, who possess a patent-registered, unique product that increases construction site efficiency and empowers local communities. The product can be used to build a range of structures, from ponds to houses, and requires little skill to use. Thus, proving to be useful in countries such as South-Africa, Brazil and Thailand. Smaller, developing countries tend to use the product, as it’s more affordable and requires less skilled labour.

Brick mold efficiency
In a normal working day, between four unskilled workers and a few power equipment tools, you are able to make 250 bricks a day. The brick mould produces bricks almost twice the size of a normal sandstone brick, which means that only half of the original amount you would have needed, is required.  These moulds are reusable. Therefore, is no added pollution or wastage of money when constantly having to purchase or order more bricks. In other words, it’s far more accessible than the traditional way of building houses. These bricks, created by using the plastic moulds, have a high load-bearing capacity and are much stronger than a traditional brick. They are fireproof and, because of the thickness and way it is made, have great thermal properties, making it an extremely powerful building method with a small carbon footprint.

What does it do for people?
Stumblebloc moulds provide less-fortunate people with a higher chance of survival when it comes to their housing. The bricks are affordable, easy to use, durable, when compared to scrap material usually used to make shelters, and more liveable, in terms of informal houses. They also create labour, as the bricks required limited skill to use and the moulds come with a manual to guide users on how to efficiently make use of them. Another beneficial factor is that anything built with sand brick can be built with Stumblebloc.

If you’d like to use these plastic brick moulds for you next project, or start producing Stumblebloc’s interlocking bricks and sell them to make a living, you can visit their website at

About Stumbelbloc
Stumblebloc was developed by Andre Esterhuizen. Andre took advantage of his knowledge and experience in the construction industry and used it to create a product that overcomes the usual building problems, especially those in developing countries. Stumblebloc targets a large market, which accommodates any income type and provides a safe and strong product. As such, the company is internationally trusted and always provides.

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