Tempo Attachments’ Ground-breaking Technology

Tempo Attachments’ Ground-breaking Technology

Tempo Attachments, a manufacturer of high-quality mining and earthmoving products, has been supplying the industry with superior designs, reliable quality control, and a high level of customer satisfaction for over 40 years. The company manufactures locally and sources internationally to offer a variety of specialist attachments for a wide range of applications. Tempo Attachments is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, as you can always rely on them to produce durable, long-lasting products that will get the job done.


In addition to supplying an extensive range of attachments, some of which include hammers, augers, plate compactors, crusher buckets, drum cutters, grapples and grabs, vibrating rippers, tyre handlers, excavator rippers, fork attachments, and screening buckets, to name a few, Tempo Attachments’ reputation also has their high-quality, durability, innovation, and customisation to thank for their immense popularity.


In terms of the company’s high-quality, Tempo Attachments utilises controlled manufacturing processes, modern heat treatment facilities, robotic welders, and state of the art computerised engineering. Thereby, ensuring that world-class attachments are created that deliver maximum performance. These ultra-modern facilities used by Tempo Attachments allows them to quality control every step of the process, all the way from the raw material to the finished product.


This then filters into the extensive durability of the company’s products. With such controlled and modern facilities, Tempo Attachments ensures that all products manufactured at their facility are of a high standard. In addition to this, in trades where the equipment will face intense and heavy wear, the company will provide hardwearing products that are specifically engineered to survive such extreme environments. Thereby, providing clients with long-lasting value for their investment.


Tempo Attachments have a technology-driven Research and Development Department, which is dedicated to improving, designing, and manufacturing innovative products that will not only maximise productivity, but also break through barriers in their client’s respective industries! In fact, the company even offers custom builds to ensure their client’s needs are always met.


If you are interested in browsing through the various attachments produced and supplied by Tempo Attachments, if you would like more information on these products, or if you would like more information on the company itself, visit their official website at https://www.tempoattachments.com/


About Tempo Attachments:

For over 40 years, Tempo Attachments has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality earthmoving products to various industries. The company strives to supply a wide range of specialist attachments, and even offers custom builds to ensure client needs are met. Some of the products supplied by Tempo Attachments include augers, crusher and screening buckets, hydraulic hammers, etc.



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