The Leading Supplier of Fixed Infrastructure Design and Construction Solutions

The Leading Supplier of Fixed Infrastructure Design and Construction Solutions

If you are looking for a reputable company that can offer you design and construction services in residential and bulk infrastructure, roadworks, reservoirs, pipeline construction, water and wastewater treatment, as well as the construction of affordable housing, look no further than ASLA. The company has been servicing the various industries for over 47 years and, as such, has all the necessary expertise and knowledge required to provide you with the perfect design and construction solutions.

In the beginning, the company had mainly focused on the construction of residential and bulk infrastructure in most of the towns in the Western Cape. However, since 1995, ASLA made the conscious decision to contribute to the Human Settlements program by designing more than 60 000 affordable homes!

To remain true to their vision – “utilising our vast resources, extensive knowledge and skills to successfully innovate and manage all our projects” – the company created a skilled team of individuals, which consists of highly qualified engineers, top professionals, and a positively motivated workforce. In addition to this, ASLA works closely with communities to support them by sponsoring a range of local organisations. In terms of the affordable housing construction offered by the company, they get the local communities involved to maximise employment. That way, they are able to integrate project execution, as well as social interaction.

As mentioned previously, the company offers an array of design and construction-related services, which includes housing design and construction; development; infrastructure on a design and construct or construct only basis; as well as planning, designing, and administration. ASLA offers their services to the construction market using a wide variety of delivery models, which allows them to structure a project delivery model specific to the client’s needs.

If you would like more information about the various products and services the company can offer you, if you would like to view the previous projects the company has worked on, as well as the several awards they have received, or if you would like to learn more about the company themselves, feel free to visit ASLA’s official website at .

About ASLA:
ASLA has been a professional supplier of fixed infrastructure design and construction solutions for over 47 years. Since opening in 1973, the company has designed and constructed several high-quality construction projects for a several different industries. ASLA’s main areas of operation include the Western, Northern, and Eastern Cape Provinces of South Africa.

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Cape Town, 7140, South Africa
Tel: 021 845 8335