The Voice Over Artist Agency You Need to Know About

The Voice Over Artist Agency You Need to Know About

Are you a content creator who requires a certain tone of voice for your overlays? Maybe you are wanting to record a video in another language, and you aren’t sure how you are going to translate or speak the words, or, maybe, you are just in need of someone who has experience in voice overs to talk over your advert. Well, then you are in luck because we are about to introduce to you a company called Voice Village!

Voice Village is a voice artist agency that specialises in bringing their clients only the best voice-over artists to suit their requirements. The company has extensive experience in translating as well as delivering voice-overs that are accurate and convey the intended message, while being easy to understand by the key demographics in their native tongue. They have a comprehensive database of voice actors, including both men as well as women that range from preadolescence all the way to actors who are over the age of 60. They have actors who are better suited for more casual scripts as well as deep, feminine, gender neutral, high-pitched, soft, loud, and authoritative voices.

Not only does the company do voice-overs, but they also have a fully qualified team of translators for each and every one of the South African Vernacular languages. Their translation services enable business owners to focus on their core message, rather than worrying about the translation and delivery. Business is a universal language, but unfortunately English is not. That is why it is better to have an expert who can translate your words, while still conveying a personalised and tailored message to your target demographic, which the company makes sure to match to the theme of your other marketing material.

If you would like to find out more about the company, browse through the services that they have on offer or if you would like to contact someone to find out more information, then do not hesitate to visit their official website at:

About Voice Village:

Voice Village is a Cape Town-based business that was started back in 2002 and has grown through their dedication and hard work. The company is here to offer voice-over services, as well as translation services for all of the South African languages. They even offer a supervisor during recordings so that everything runs smoothly, and the final product is up to standard!



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Tel: 021 556 9787