What is Pineapple Express DELTA-8 THC Flower

What is Pineapple Express DELTA-8 THC Flower

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS DELTA-8 THC FLOWER brings together the strong and delicious energies of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The aroma is reminiscent of fresh apple and mango, with notes of pineapple, pine, and cedar. This sativa-dominant mix delivers a long-lasting energy high that's ideal for productive afternoons and creative vacations.

  • Premium Indoor Delta 8 THC Flower
  • Strain: Pineapple Express (Sativa)
  • Almost Instant Effects
  • Good For: Calming & Focus
  • Weight Options: 3.5g, 7g, Or 28g
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Contains Less Than 0.3% Of 9THC


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