Your Outsourcing Partner for Data Entry Services

Your Outsourcing Partner for Data Entry Services

Data entry is a crucial task for the growth and success of any business. At present, data is the most valuable thing, and it is extremely important to keep it secure and organised. However, data related tasks can be difficult to be executed in-house properly due to the lack of skilled professionals and the right infrastructure.

Data Entry India is a professional data entry service provider that offers all kinds of data entry services with a 99% accuracy commitment. By outsourcing data entry services, you can save time, expenses, and hassle, increase your business focus, improve productivity, and get the same quality of work done each time. There would be no need to hire or train resources.

Industries Data Entry India offers its services:

Data Entry India offers data entry services to several industries, such as:

  1. Real estate industry
  2. Finance industry
  3. Education industry
  4. Marketing industry
  5. Legal industry
  6. Medical industry
  7. Human resource
  8. Manufacturing industry
  9. Mortgage industry
  10. Publication industry
  11. Transport industry
  12. eCommerce/Online stores
  13. Insurance industry

Services offered by Data Entry India:

Data Entry India offers a legitimate and secure data entry outsourcing solution. The services provided by the company are:

Data entry services

  1. Online data entry
  2. Offline data entry
  3. PDF data entry
  4. Cary data entry
  5. Survey/Questionnaire data entry
  6. Image data entry
  7. Handwritten data entry
  8. Excel data entry
  9. Customer data entry sales services
  10. Asp.Net data entry
  11. MS Access data entry
  12. XML data entry

Data processing services

  1. Image processing services
  2. Word processing services
  3. Claim processing services
  4. Forms processing services
  5. Survey data processing services

Data conversion services

  1. OCR data conversion services
  2. XML data conversion services
  3. Microfiche data conversion services
  4. Document conversion services

Data cleansing services

  1. Data scrubbing services
  2. Data alignment services
  3. Data standardization services
  4. Mailing list cleanup services
  5. E-mail validation services
  6. Data de-duplication services

Data mining services

  1. Cart data mining
  2. Web data mining
  3. Stock market data mining
  4. E-book data mining
  5. Healthcare data mining

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About Data Entry India:
Data Entry India is an established offshore company in India that delivers offshore data entry services of any complexity to clients all over the world. The company supports a full-cycle development process from requirements definition and sampling to procedural data entry, quality audit and validation of database maintenance and support. According to the specific requirements of the clients, the experts of Data Entry India provide sound advice on procedures and outsourcing options.

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