Your trusted medical plastic retailers

Your trusted medical plastic retailers

Spicoly Medical CC are plastic manufacturers and distributors for the medical industry, they supply a host of products to various hospitals throughout the Western Cape. They are located in Kraaifontein Industria, Cape Town. They are a division of Spicoly Plastics CC, which has been running for over fifteen years. The medical division of Spicoly Plastics CC was opened when the owner David Venter realised there was an ever-growing need for plastic medical supplies. These products are manufactured through plastic injection and mould blowing techniques. Spicoly Medical CC are one of the leading suppliers of plastic medical products in South Africa. All their products are made in accordance with the UAF (The United Accreditation Foundation) they strictly adhere to these standards by subjecting prospective products to a rigorous quality assurance testing program.

The company makes various specimen containers for the medical industry, often when you are really sick and your doctor needs to run extensive tests on you to determine what is wrong, they will require either a urine, stool or sputum sample from you. It is essential that these containers are big enough for such samples as well as that they seal air-tight to avoid any spillage or sample contamination which may require you to send in another sample.

The plastic cups made by Spicoly Medical CC are used for patients that need to stay over in the hospital either for surgery or recovery. The nurses will bring them a plastic glass and a jug of water for them to hydrate themselves while they are resting.

Pump bottles and spray bottles are used to hold various cleaning chemicals as plastic has a strong resistance to harsh chemicals, making them the perfect item used to contain said chemicals. They are also used to store antiseptic for wounds making it easier for the nurses to clean and treat a wound. Hand sanitiser is also stored in these bottles as doctors and nurses touch a lot of objects throughout the day. Their hands must be sterile when helping patients as to not cause any further infections and to prevent themselves from getting sick when dealing with patients that are deemed contagious.

Durable flexi cutlery made by Spicoly Plastics CC is superior to competing products in that, they are not too flimsy to use. Their plastic cutlery is made to be strong and offer flexibility when needed.

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