Your Trusted Roof Specialists

Your Trusted Roof Specialists

Elegant Roofing has over 18 years of experience in the roofing industry. They are experts in the design, manufacture, inspection and installation of roof structures for commercial, residential and industrial sectors. Their commitment, exceptional workmanship and high-quality products are just a few of the reasons why they have earned an excellent reputation in this industry.

Elegant Roofing issue an A19 certificate for all roofing work conducted by them. An A19 certificate is issued by a structural engineer. This certification is only issued once an inspection of the roof is conducted and no faults are found in the structure. Thereby, deeming it safe for use. This certification also includes that all work conducted has been done in accordance to SABS standards.

What makes Elegant Roofing unique is that they care. They know that when you work with wood, you should only buy it from sustainable sources - especially timber - which is exactly what they do. Buying wood from sustainable sources allows us to avoid deforestation. They don’t stop there, all wood that they cannot use is then recycled, even small pieces that they can’t find a use for.

Elegant Roofing has a team of well-trained roof specialists who can offer you a host of services. They can design a roof for any structure, no matter how detailed the structure will need to be. All their roof structures are assembled, inspected and installed under a supervised team leader, allowing no errors to surface. They also deliver the full constructed roof to the destination.

If a waterproofing solution is required, they can provide it too. Upon completion of the roof installation, they will issue you a five-year guarantee. Their in-house engineering service allows them to promptly create and manufacture roofs to your requirements. Elegant Roofing strictly adheres to the National Building Regulations and Standards Act and the National Home Builders Registration Council.

To learn more about Elegant Roofing and how you can avail to their roofing services, you can visit them on their official website:

About the company: 
Elegant Roofing sells various products for roofs, such as trusses, bolt washers, etc. They also have various insulation material for you to choose from. Custom roofs are done in accordance to how you want the roof to look and what, realistically, can be designed. Elegant roofing is your go-to solution for all your roofing problems, as they also offer advice on roofs and are experts in their fields.

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