FEELING About Delta 8 Moon Rocks THC Flower

FEELING About Delta 8 Moon Rocks THC Flower


Delta 8 Moon Rocks THC Flower is the newest member of the Moon Rock Family! This premium product combines Specialist CBD flower, Delta 8 Distillate, and CBG kief to create the perfect trifecta. These Moon Rocks exemplify the entourage effect. DELTA-8 THC FLOWER MOONROCKS The combination of CBD, CBG, and Delta-8 allows calm to sink in, leaving you carefree!

This product has NO SOLUTIONS! The Delta 8 distillate is heated to a consistency that allows us to spray the flower straight without diluting it with any solvents. We are aware that this is a highly contentious issue and would never sell a product containing any extra solvents.

This product should be handled with caution and caution. Please ingest in extremely small dosages with an average wait period of 30 minutes between doses for first-time consumers. Please be informed that the effects of this flower differ from those of standard CBD flowers.

Moon rocks may be smoked in the same manner as any other hemp flower.

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