UploadNow: Changing the Way We Share Files Online

UploadNow: Changing the Way We Share Files Online

If we take one look around, it becomes apparent to us that the whole world has moved towards digitization. This includes numerous companies from different sectors that are starting to invest in efficient file uploading services. There are many reasons for this, ranging from trust to convenience to file security. Out of all the services that have emerged, UploadNow stands out from the crowd due to its efficient file storage and sharing capabilities.

What is UploadNow.io?

UploadNow is a reputed cloud storage and file sharing service that caters to the requirements that all modern companies have when it comes to file sharing. Companies and individuals can easily use UploadNow to host and store their files, sharing them whenever required.

Compared to other similar services, UploadNow allows a large volume of files to be uploaded. This includes images, files, videos, audio, PDF documents, and more. With a very easy-to-use interface, users can simply drag and drop the files to begin the uploading process.

Free Services With No Registration Required

Perhaps one of the most advantageous features of UploadNow is the free uploading service it provides. Users simply need to create a free UploadNow account to access all the features and upload limits provided. This comes in handy when the budgets of certain companies are limited.

Users don’t require registration when using UploadNow. One can easily store and share photos, videos, and other file types using the simple design. There is also a secure cloud plan that users can opt for when needed. It’s a very easy-to-use service, as it’s capable of creating folders and files with a simple click. Users can implement password protection at each level when required. It also allows users to preview and stream certain types of files to check their status after uploading has been completed.

UploadNow offers a reliable and secure cloud infrastructure that is hosted on the European continent. It safeguards the integrity and confidentiality of the data by using the SSL/TLS protocol to transfer it between UploadNow and its servers. It respects the data safety and privacy of its users and does not resell or distribute their personal information or email addresses to any third-party entities.

Different plans are available.

UploadNow caters to the different requirements of companies and individuals based on their budget. This helps to widen the scope of these services, allowing them to be within the fingertips of even the smallest of companies and organizations.

  • The Starter Plan: 5 EUR for 500 GB
  • The Pro Plan: 10 EUR for 1000 GB
  • The Pro Plus Plan: 25 EUR for 2000 GB
  • The Business Plan: 50 EUR for 5000 GB
  • The Business Plus Plan: 100 EUR for 10,000

To check out the full capabilities of UploadNow, visit https://uploadnow.io/.

About UploadNow

UploadNow is a newly launched cloud storage and file sharing service that allows hassle-free file uploading. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface that caters to almost every type of individual and company.