ICHCOIN Trading Center: The Next Spring is Coming Soon

ICHCOIN Trading Center: The Next Spring is Coming Soon

ICHCOIN Trading Center: The Next Spring is Coming Soon


This year's collapse of Luna/UST marked the beginning of a long crypto winter, heavily impacted by a harsh macroeconomic environment and a series of dramatic events. The crypto market lost $2 trillion in value, alongside significant players like Luna, 3AC, and FTX. Despite these challenges, the crypto industry has survived. Through these hardships, we've also seen glimpses of hope.


ETH successfully completed its Merge on September 15, marking the first step in solving the blockchain’s “scalability dilemma.”

On September 14, 2022, Ethereum's execution layer merged with the proof-of-stake consensus layer at block height 15537393, producing the first PoS block and officially transitioning Ethereum's consensus mechanism from PoW to PoS.


On September 27, the Cosmos 2.0 whitepaper was officially released at the Cosmoverse conference, signifying Cosmos' official entry into the 2.0 era. Projects like Otherside and StepN sparked a frenzy. The spate of collapses also reminded the industry of the importance of compliance and healthy development.


In summary, 2022 has been a year of great trials and joys for the crypto industry. It has been one of the most tumultuous years in its 13-year history, but the departure of the losers paves the way for a more stable future for the industry. We can still believe that those who continue to build will always be there, and the crypto industry, after a tumultuous year, will only emerge stronger.


ICHCOIN blockchain asset trading platform offers extensive services globally, including digital currency to fiat exchange, spot trading, contract trading, ICO trading, currency information, blockchain asset issuance, quality funds, and blockchain education.


1. Positioning

Focusing on users and aiming globally, ICHCOIN Trading Center is determined to become the new king of the global cryptocurrency market. Headquartered in the United States, ICHCOIN Trading Center has a broad service range and a global market reach. The company possesses a professional, efficient, and experienced blockchain technology and operations team, with decades of internet development and service experience. A group of internet experts with unique insights and vision is dedicated to providing a comprehensive service platform for global cryptocurrency users that is safe, convenient, stable, and cost-effective.


2. H5 Browser and APP

On August 28, 2017, ICHCOIN officially launched its trading platform's H5 version, followed by the APP release the next month.


3. System

ICHCOIN Trading Center's system is fully optimized for user experience. It utilizes multi-point load balancing technology to maximize system fluidity and offers multi-level server support to ensure trading speed. The trading system experience is benchmarked against the world's top trading systems.


4. Strength

ICHCOIN Trading Center is committed to building a secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform. The team has decades of financial risk control experience. Core members have graduated from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Cambridge. ICHCOIN Trading Center holds multiple financial licenses and continuously improves its global qualifications.


5. Product Features

5.1 Supports spot, fiat, contract, and ICO trading.

5.2 Supports full-chain storage and withdrawal services.

5.3 Supports global bank system transfers and withdrawal services.

5.4 Supports market price, limit, stop-loss, and stop-gain orders.

5.5 Offers 24/7 multilingual online customer service.


6. ICHCOIN Academy

ICHCOIN Academy is a new open learning center designed to provide one-stop learning resources for blockchain and digital currency. It addresses the issue of fragmented blockchain and virtual currency knowledge on the internet by providing relevant educational articles and videos.


7. ICO Platform

From its inception, ICHCOIN Trading Center has used quality ICOs to promote and increase its visibility. It strives to build a premium platform for investor education in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, ICHCOIN Trading Center will be a gathering place for many professional investors, making it quite interesting.