South Africa’s Leading Timber Supplier and Manufacturer

South Africa’s Leading Timber Supplier and Manufacturer

Are you in need of professional engineering services for custom-made laminated beams? Do you require a company to shrink wrap your timber products for protection, transportation or display? Are you searching for a project management or consultancy service company? If any of this sounds familiar to you, OT Joiners is the right fit for you! The company was established in Cape Town in 2012 and is currently located in Parow Industrial. The extensively skilled and professional team is made up of both artisans and designers who are responsible for the success of the operation.

Other than the above-mentioned services, OT Joiners offers a timber product range that consist of three categories, namely: laminated pine beams, curved beams and OT laminated beams.

Laminated Pine Beams

Laminated beams are incredibly strong, stable and rigid products with immaculate aesthetic. Not only this, but they also offer far more benefits when compared to structural steel and concrete. The durable beams are manufactured by gluing timber products together, using SABS approved moisture-resistant glue, under pressure and heat.

Curved Beams

The greatest benefit of using laminated timber is that there are endless possibilities for design and performance. Thanks to the lamination process, the wood can be worked into several shapes, sizes and curves.

These beams are incredible unique and project specific. Once the customer knows what their design specifications are, OT Joiners uses their innovative process to manufacture the curved beams at the same tempo as straight beams. Thereby, not compromising productivity.

OT Laminated Beams

Capelam® - Grade 8 laminated pine beams are used in the manufacturing process for OT laminated beams. Southern Cape Radiata Pine and clear glue is used to ensure the most visually appealing final product. These beams come in the following sizes:

  • Width: 150mm, 230mm, 300mm and 363mm
  • Thickness: 45mm, 70mm, 106mm and 140mm

If you are interested in utilising the services offered by OT Joiners, if you would like more information on their different timber products or if you would like a quote for one of your projects, visit their official website at

About the Company
OT Joiners, located in Parow Industrial, is a timber supplier and manufacturing company that was established in 2012. Their team consists of a combination of both highly skilled artisans and designers who are in charge of the success of the entire operation. By utilising the services offered by this company, you are assured top-quality, as all of their products carry the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) mark of compliance and quality.

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Cape Town, 7504, South Africa
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