Your Solution to Using Devices in Unfavourable Working Environments

Your Solution to Using Devices in Unfavourable Working Environments

When it comes to certain industries, finding devices that are able to withstand harsh conditions can be extremely difficult. This is where Rugged Mobile comes in. The company supplies South Africa with rugged mobile devices that are not only highly durable, but also lightweight and cost-effective. All the devices that are offered by Rugged Mobile can withstand extreme temperatures and are water and dust resistant.

The ‘ruggedness’ of a device is determined by its ability to function in any type of working environment, for three to five years and not just for one use. What is deemed rugged to one person or one industry, may not be considered rugged to another. To determine how rugged a device is, Rugged Mobile has tests conducted on the devices. These tests are to determine the device’s military standards (MIL-STD), IP rating and temperature range. The reason for the testing is to ensure that the device is ready to be used by different hands-on professionals in rough, demanding industries.

The devices offered by Rugged Mobile include tablets and notebooks, as well as handhelds. In the tablets and notebooks category, there are four different models. The model you purchase will depend on your requirements. Someone that works in the transportation industry won’t require the same model as someone in the construction industry. The four different models on offer are the ALGIZ 8X, ALGIZ RT7, ALGZ 7 and ALGIZ 10X.

With regards to the handhelds, there are six different models. As with the tablets and notebooks, the model you purchase will be in relation to what you will be using it for, or what type of environments you will be using the device in. The different handheld models are the NAUTIZ X1, NAUTIZ X2, NAUTIZ X4, NAUTIZ X8, NAUTIZ X9 and NAUTIZ ETICKET PRO II. The different models of the tablets and notebooks, and handhelds have different features, meaning they are suitable to different industries.

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About the Company
Rugged Mobile, based in Roodepoort, specialises in rugged devices that not only extends your computing to the field, but also can be used in any outdoor environment. These devices are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and are unaffected by mud, water, sand, dust, as well as other substances that may usually damage one’s devices.

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