NoveNews is a free and democratic social network that visually looks like a newspaper portal that allows all registered users to publicize their opinions, knowledge, experiences and insights on any topic. Unregistered users can read and search texts but can not write their own texts or comment on other texts.

To register is enough to select the ADD TEXT button where registration or registration is required. To enter the first text, select the Register button. Then the form in which you need to enter a name or nickname, the e-mail address, and the password you have to remember will appear. You can also enter a picture and a short description of the author. After that, the user receives an email requesting confirmation of the registration. With this confirmation, the user becomes an active member of the portal.

It may happen that the received mail ends in a spam or between deleted mails, so if you do not receive Meil for verification, check spamming and deleted texts, from where you should transfer the received messages and confirm the registration. this happens with messengers with extension @gmail.

The user can set the title of the title, but does not have, and the text can be classified according to 132 criteria that best define the text and can be combined together. Readers can search for texts by the same criteria, in order to find more precise what they want to read. The search can be done by selecting the author, where all the texts are sorted by the date of the entry and the last comment.

If you want to change your text, you need to snap the right-click icon with your image, after which your profile appears. Here you select the texts, followed by a list of all your texts. By selecting an individual text, you can change any mistakes.

The portal is independent and adapted to all users and their intellectual interest.

If a user wishes to track only certain authors, they can tag them, so they get an author list that they follow as shortcuts to their texts.