Get Top-Notch Water Cannons from Empex Watertoys®

Get Top-Notch Water Cannons from Empex Watertoys®

Splash pads have become the favorite aquatic venue for young children and their families during the hot summer. That is why they find a spot in the shopping centers, parks, and communities. Water cannons make the water play experience more memorable by adding an element of engagement and excitement.  Empex Watertoys® has emerged as the ultimate destination for splash pad equipment at competitive prices.

Canada, 19th April 2024

Empex Watertoys® has established itself as the leading splash pad manufacturer in the water play industry. The firm takes pride in delivering the best quality splash pad equipment for diverse recreational facilities. They have been in the industry for more than two decades and are committed to bringing something new and innovative to the market.

Empex Watertoys® specializes in manufacturing water cannons that enhance the overall water play experience of families. These water shooters can inspire imaginative play scenarios and enhance creativity among children. In addition to water cannons, the company also provides other appealing water features like ground jets, kinetic water toys, static water toys, climb and slide structures, and self-powered water toys.

According to one of the representatives of the company, Empex Watertoys® understands the significance of providing a unique and engaging water play experience to the children. We specialize in designing and manufacturing creative splash pad equipment with attention to detail. Our products are designed with minimum maintenance and maximum safety in mind.”

Empex Watertoys® has an expert team with rich experience in the industry. They focus on providing top-notch splash pad equipment based on the needs and preferences of clients.

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50-12 Innovator Ave.

Stouffville, ON

Canada L4A 0Y2

Tel: 905.649.5047