Have a Clear Conversation again with The Ear Depot

Have a Clear Conversation again with The Ear Depot

The Ear Depot is a renowned ear clinic in Ontario specializing in hearing tests, providing hearing aids, earwax removal and tinnitus treatment. With the experience of more than the past three and a half decades, The Ear Depot has helped a great number of people at its several branches.

Services provided by The Ear Depot

Hearing tests for everyone
Whether it is a child or an adult, hearing loss is a common occurrence. It can happen for many reasons. However, reports say that 77% of Canadian adults do not consult the physician at the right time because they are unaware of their condition. Lack of treatment can make the situation worse and give rise to many problems. So, The Ear Depot offers hearing tests for anyone in Peterborough, Ontario who is suffering from even a slight difficulty in hearing. The specialists at the clinic first have a conversation with the clients to understand their condition. Through asking some questions about the daily lives of the clients, they aim to offer a real solution. After that, the hearing ability of the client is checked through several audio tests in the soundproof booth of the Ear Depot. Once the degree of a client’s hearing levels is determined, the hearing aid practitioner can guide the client to the next step.

Hearing aids made for life
The Ear Depot has been offering the best quality hearing aids at the best value for the past 35 years. Two of the most popular hearing aids in Peterborough they offer are –

  • Invisible in the canal: The color of this hearing aid can be matched with the client’s skin tone. As the name suggests, these hearing aids are so tiny that they get invisible in the canal completely. This hearing aid is recommended for people suffering from mild to moderately severe hearing loss.
  • The receiver in the canal: This hearing aid is designed in such a sophisticated way that it fits easily in the ear. The benefit of this hearing aid is that the client can choose its color and adjust it easily. Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, this hearing aid is generally prescribed to first-time users.

Professional earwax removal
Earwax may appear harmless and protect our ears from germs, but too much earwax can cause discomfort and irritation to our ears. However, it can be dangerous to try to remove earwax at home. The Ear Depot offers safe earwax removal to its clients.

Tinnitus treatment
Tinnitus is a ringing sound inside the ear. People can develop tinnitus for many reasons. The Ear Depot offers tinnitus counseling and tinnitus sound therapy to its clients and helps them recover from tinnitus.

To know more about the services of The Ear Depot, visit their website: https://www.theeardepot.com/.

About The Ear Depot
The Ear Depot is established by Brenda Cowan. The Ear Clinic offers professional hearing testing in Ontario since 1982. It has four locations to serve its clients such as Peterborough, Bancroft, Barry’s Bay and Marmora. Brenda Cowan, the owner and president of The Ear Depot has been a hearing instrument practitioner for over nine years before she established the clinic.

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