NDS Driving School Announced New Hires Of Highly-Trained Driving Instructors

NDS Driving School Announced New Hires Of Highly-Trained Driving Instructors

NDS Driving School is proud to announce the addition of three new highly-trained driving instructors. This brings the total number of instructors at NDS Driving School to five, each with over ten years of driving experience.

This announcement comes when road safety is more important than ever. According to the Department of Transport, South Africa has one of the highest road accident rates in the world. Therefore this best driving school in Johannesburg is committed to doing its part to make our roads safer by providing quality driving instruction.

The Head of the NDS driving School Department also added that their new instructors are all highly qualified and have years of experience teaching people how to drive. Therefore, they are passionate about helping students become safe, responsible drivers. We are confident that our new instructors will make a valuable contribution to the life of new emerging driving trainees.

 Here is a quick insight about their driving instructor's qualities

 1) Certified Driving Instructors:

All their instructors are certified by the Driving Instructors Association of South Africa.

2) Patient and understanding:

They know that not everyone learns at the same pace, and they are patient with students. The instructors work with you until you feel confident behind the wheel.


3) Experienced drivers:

They also have many years of experience driving in various conditions. Besides, the instructors here know how to handle any situation on the road.


4) Skilled at providing comprehensive driving instructions:

The instructors teach you how to drive and how to be a safe driver. Thus, they will help you develop the skills you need to stay safe on the road.


5) Responsible:

Our instructors are responsible drivers. They know the importance of obeying the road rules and following safe driving practices.


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Established a decade ago, NDS is a premier driving school in Johannesburg. They offer quality driving instruction to students of all ages and experience levels. The instructors at the driving school are highly qualified and experienced. They are passionate about teaching students how to drive safely and responsibly.

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