Youkey's High-Tech Delivery Robots Is All Set To Dominate Industry With This New Update

Youkey's High-Tech Delivery Robots Is All Set To Dominate Industry With This New Update

Recently, Youkey, a High-Tech Delivery Robots announced a new update that will allow their delivery robots to dominate the industry. With this new update, the robots can recognize and adapt to changes in their surroundings faster, making them more efficient and reliable.

 Additionally, they have been fitted with an automatic obstacle avoidance system that allows this delivery robot to navigate through tight spaces and crowded areas without any difficulty.

This latest update is just one of many steps that Youkey is taking to solidify its position as the leading provider of delivery robots. Moreover, thanks to this impressive technology, businesses will enjoy fast, reliable, and efficient deliveries without having to worry about their customers' needs.

Here are a few insights that this tech enterprise shared with us about their Delivery Robots:

1) Auto Charging speciality:

Youkey's, one of the latest delivery bots such as Pudubot has a voice alert with a UI notification feature that alerts you when its battery turns low. The best part is that it doesn't need any assistance but will return to its docking station simultaneously.

2) Ultra-Long battery life:

With the capacity to run up to 24hours straight without recharging, this contactless robot is set to take leads in the robotics industry by far. With has an ultra-long battery span of 25.6Ah.

3) Seemless Navigation:

The authentic algorithms and SLAM technology, these contactless robots can plan an efficient route that avoids traffic jams, steep climbs, etc. Therefore, they navigate around obstacles in their way with ease.

4) Independently Suspended robots:

Unlike other delivery bots, Youkey's latest version Pudubot runs on a compact and ultra-lightweight dual suspension system making it more efficient to manoeuvre through its environment.

5) 3D sensors for barrier detection:

This latest delivery bot is equipped with 3D sensors to detect and avoid collisions. Youkey will undoubtedly dominate the Retail Delivery Robotics market with a barrier avoidance feature.

6) Compact Sleek Design:

These robots are not just high-end at uninterrupted performance but also have a sleek design that fits right into your modern lifestyle. Besides, it is the best fit for restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals, corporate parties etc.

7) Customizable :

Youkey’s Delivery Robots are customizable according to your choice of colour, text, logos, etc. Moreover, this is a first in the robotics industry.

Youkey is also working on another particular robot called Pudu, which will provide you with all-around assistance for restaurants, retail stores, malls, hospitals etc. By the end of this month, Pudubot would also be ready with upgraded technology and features to hit the market.

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About Youkey:

Youkey is a Melbourne-based High-tech enterprise focused on the products and sales of commercial robotics. Pudubot, Bellabot, Food Delivery Robots are a few Top-selling robots delivered across 60+ countries. Our robotics are most popular in restaurants, hospitals, shopping centres, corporate parties, and more.