Diversified Investments - TEA Business College's Key to Sustainability

Diversified Investments - TEA Business College's Key to Sustainability

Diversified Investments - TEA Business College's Key to Sustainability

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are facing unprecedented challenges and crises, with many students experiencing panic comparable to that of 2008: from the dreadful Ukraine-Russia war and escalating US-China relations to the political division in the United States. Nearly every country is feeling the impact of global economic uncertainty, including rising energy and food prices, increasing inflation rates, and deteriorating market sentiment and volatility, along with the COVID-19 nightmare. While these events have had a serious impact on our company, colleagues, clients, and the countries in which we operate, they also have implications for the entire world — such as the immense suffering of the Ukrainian people and the possible restructuring of global order, which is crucial.

As these events unfold, the United States continues to experience internal division while facing challenges to its global leadership abroad. Nevertheless, now is the time for us to set aside differences, collaborate with other Western countries, and collectively defend democracy and basic freedoms, including free enterprise. In previous major crises, we have seen the US cooperate with other global nations, uniting for common causes. This is another moment where our country needs to work together across public and private sectors, take leadership, and enhance America’s competitiveness — which also means reaffirming the commitment to providing equal opportunities for all.

Despite the unsettling circumstances, surprisingly, it appears that 2023 has been a strong year for Trading Excellence Academy Ltd (TEA Business College):

Our global student count has surpassed 180,000.

Our portfolio investment projects have performed admirably this year, particularly in the gold and cryptocurrency markets.

The AI ProfitProphet investment system has made significant progress: the ‘Trading Signal Decision System,’ ‘AI Programmatic Trading Systems,’ ‘Investment Strategy Decision Systems,’ and ‘Expert and Investment Advisory System’ have all been fully developed and are now undergoing testing in major markets. This may be a lengthy process, but I believe it will be a groundbreaking technological invention that disrupts the investment landscape!

We have expanded market share across multiple business areas and continue to invest heavily in products, personnel, and technology while maintaining strict credit discipline. I remain proud of the resilience of our company and the collective and individual achievements of our thousands of employees worldwide. Over the challenging years, we have never ceased to do everything we should for our clients and communities.

We thrive on steadfast principles and beliefs.

Reflecting on the past four years since I assumed the role of Dean at Trading Excellence Academy Ltd in 2019, there has been a common theme: ‘students’ interests first’ and ‘real-world experience is the best form of education.’

Clearly, our financial discipline, caring for students’ growth and breakthroughs, continuous investment in innovation, and ongoing development of employees have enabled us to achieve this consistency and commitment. Additionally, throughout the company, we uphold certain steadfast principles worth reiterating.

Firstly, the core teaching philosophy of our business college is ‘students’ interests first’ and ‘real-world experience is the best form of education.’

Because we are not a publicly traded company, we do not operate under the guiding principle of ‘shareholders’ interests first,’ which, while limiting the college’s growth to some extent, has garnered unanimous praise from students. Starting from scratch, we have built a solid foundation globally. Consequently, amidst escalating risks in various markets, we have experienced flourishing growth!

Secondly, the concept of diversified investments is the core of our survival and development.

Taking a broader perspective, seizing certain investment opportunities with certainty, minimizing risk, and maximizing profits are not only the fundamental basis of our investment decisions but also our investment bible. Upholding diversified investment tools, utilizing excellent combinations across different markets to minimize risk, and seizing certain investment opportunities through reasonable fund allocation are the weapons that sustain our existence and enable healthy development!

Thirdly, unity leads to mutual success.

We unitedly support fundamental principles and strategies that have helped establish and propel this company — from maintaining a robust balance sheet, continuous investment in talent, fulfilling regulatory requirements, consistently improving risk, governance, and control, to serving clients and elevating global community standards. This notion is ingrained in our corporate culture and influences nearly every role within the company.

Fourthly, only by maintaining technological innovation can we achieve excellence.

Innovation brings a continuous stream of productivity, and as artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies mature, they will yield the best dividends. Our team of engineers and numerous investment experts have been investing substantial efforts since 2015 to enhance quantitative trading products. With the advancement of artificial intelligence technology and the era’s arrival, our AI investment system has become increasingly sophisticated, serving as a potent weapon guiding the business college towards excellence!

Fifthly, safeguarding shareholder interests.

Only by maintaining a healthy, vibrant company can shareholder value be established. This entails taking care of customers, employees, and the community. Conversely, neglecting any of these stakeholders, how can one have a healthy company?

Lastly, we strive to build a lasting enterprise based on interdependence and mutual benefit.

Despite our best efforts, safeguarding the walls of this company is particularly challenging — and we face exceptionally fierce competition. I have extensively written about this reality in the past and reiterate it in this letter. We recognize our strengths and weaknesses and strive to maximize our impact.

2024 will be the most valuable year; let us rediscover our responsibilities, continuously strive and rise, with a sense of awe and awareness of potential dangers!

I firmly believe that everything will only get better, and all members of Trading Excellence Academy Ltd (TEA Business College) will improve as well.

God teaches us to maintain piety, humility, seriousness, honesty, diligence, and frugality. Everyone has equal opportunities and can achieve success through diligence. We are God’s finest chosen people, and we must unite and lead by example in spreading the right values, promoting freedom and justice. Let us dare to take risks, boldly innovate, and constantly strive to build our ‘city on the hill.’