George Rosen Smith on Spotting High-Growth Stocks

George Rosen Smith on Spotting High-Growth Stocks

George Rosen Smith With its unique market analysis ability, accurately captures the starting point of the monster stock, allowing the funds to double quickly.

Figure 1 is the US stock SMCI (Super Micro Computer)

This stock came into view in January 2023 (point A in the figure), and began to track the stock with a light position. After that, the stock price broke through the sideways trend at point B and increased its position. The stock price began to enter an upward cycle. In just three months, the stock price rose from US$113 per share to US$350, completing a 300% increase in a very short period of time.

Chart 2 or the US stock SMCI (Super Micro Computer)

This is the chart of this stock from January to March 2024

The same stock, because of the rapid development of Ai in the past two years, the stock price rose from 340 dollars to 1040 dollars, the highest point reached 1230 dollars a share, the same 300% increase, is not it amazing, is not it?

Isn’t that amazing? What drove the stock price up?

For the average investor, it’s hard to understand.

For investors who specialize in value investing, through the financial data statement may find that the company in the last two years time financial data is very good, but not many investors would think that the stock price in just one year to complete the 1000% increase, 10 times the profit, this is a lot of people can not believe the data, but this is indeed one of the cases of my real operation!

This is also the charm of the cycle law, I also belong to the cycle in the market because of the law so that I can get such a return.

From the accumulation phase of the cycle (when institutional investors and smart money start to accumulate stocks at low prices)

to the upward phase of the cycle (as the company’s financial performance improves and market confidence grows, more investors start to come in and the stock price gradually rises, further fueled by media coverage and analysts’ rating upgrades)

This stock is not the only case, there are many others like it, including (NVDA) NVIDIA Corporation

The stock price rose from $180 in February 2023 to $420 in May 2023, an increase of nearly 200%, which is not only a testament to the development of technology, but also the nature of the market cycle, which is essential to understanding both.

The same cycle can be utilized not only in the stock market, but also in the futures, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrency markets:

Let’s take a look at chart 3, “LSE Rolls Royce”.

I started following the stock in November 2022, after it broke out of the bottom box high of 84 bucks.

In January 2023, I saw a clear signal of rising prices and shrinking volume and bought the stock.

|Then the stock began to enter the upward cycle of the rally, the stock from 92 buy, a hold to 430

Gained 500%, the overall holding profit reached 5 times!