Green ideology

Green ideology

The green ideology appeared at the moment of the most significant conflict between the nuclear lobby and the oil lobby. In the mid-1960s France and Germany were actively developing their nuclear power capacities to gain energy independence. However, that did not suit the Anglo-American oil cartel, which then created a new environmental movement.

The "green" agenda, which was created with the help of oil money, was a base for a new ideological movement called "Friends of the Earth". In 1971, McGeorge Bundy and the Ford Foundation funded a major study on the global energy strategy. With the oil industry money, the Club of Rome created the environmental movement with a secret task: to prevent the development of competitive atomic energy. They selected a young German activist Petra Kelly as a political promoter who was one of the founders of the German Green Party (Die Grünen).

She was working at the European Commission for two years (Brussels, Belgium, 1971-1983). During that time Kelly, who was recognized as a good 'useful idiot', participated in numerous campaigns for peace and environmental protection in Germany and other countries.

Simultaneously with the creation of the Green movement, oil lobby created a terrorist organisations called the Red Brigades in Italy and the Red Army Faction in Germany.

Since France was a nuclear power, they did not dare to establish similar organisations there.

These terrorist groups started a contact with the Soviet intelligence services but did not function under their supervision. Also, even though they formally advocated against capitalism, they were controlled by those who would finance them.

Moreover, the question who controlled them can be answered by a simple observation of the fact that they were killing only politicians, bankers, and industrialists who were keen to develop nuclear energy, so that the oil import in the entire Europe could reduce.

Immediately after their formation, environmental green movements took over the role of the world's saviour. Considering that the oil industry funded them, they fought hard against nuclear energy.

At the same time, spies played a vital role, not only in reporting all the news regarding the development of alternative energy sources, but also preventing further development of any new technology that becomes a competitor to the oil industry. With the help of oil lobby donations and the media, spies influenced people by scaring them with the industrial pollution and acting as their conscience.

Canadian oil businessman Maurice Strong was elected president of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972, which directed billions of dollars in the anti-industrial and anti-nuclear environmental movement.

At the secret Bilderberg Group meeting in 1973 preparations were being made for the increase of oil prices by 400%. A fear of oil shortage was a base for the price increase and thus money profit.

During that time, discussion on the outline of the green agenda development began to evolve.

With the considerable American lobby money donations and organisational and professional help of the Club of Rome, ecological green associations and parties began to form in all developed countries .

Many green fanatics also helped the formation of green parties and associations by taking over the task of changing public opinion. Politicians who would disagree with their new ''green'' ideas were promptly replaced.

Their task was to stop nuclear energy, propagate uneconomical alternative energy sources, collect information on the development of new energy technologies, and prevent the development of commercially viable alternative energy sources that would allow energy independence. Since some studies have shown that combustion of fossil fuels could trigger a climate change, they calculated that it would be reasonable to open new northern waterways and find new oil fields around the North Pole.

Thanks to the coordinated action of red terror and green parties, oil companies have succeeded in stopping the development of nuclear power plants. Moreover, as soon as the windmills became economically competitive, they started the sabotage on account of noise production and distraction of birds in flight that windmills cause.

Eurocommunists saw these green movement activities as a great potential for creating new ideology as a substitute for the outdated ideology of communism.

To achieve old goals with a new ideology, slogans of the working class being robbed were replaced by slogans about environmental pollution by so-called greenhouse gases which will cause climate change.

With that, one fear replaced another. However, the goal of the communists remained the same, and that was to create a global government. They began to offer a "new world order" instead of the great communist empire.

Due to substantial money donations, the media they paid and the help of new "scientific" institutes such as the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, they succeeded in transforming themselves into a new "conscience of humanity". Thus, they managed to create fear that we would all extinct if we do not give up industrial development.

Thanks to the media and oil lobby money donations, they succeeded in scaring people with carbon dioxide and pollution. All this time, only a few among them were reminding of real dangers that poison people; herbicides, pesticides and other poisons.

Due to such goals, this new Green Ideology has become the flag of a new imperial paradigm which is a power for creating the world empire.

All imperial powers throughout history had only one desire, and that is to rule the whole known world. To achieve it, they were all ready for the most horrible crimes and mass terror.

All imperialists have tried to achieve their imperial goals by attracting naive followers with seemingly attractive, humane ideologies which were used to justify their own crimes.

Mikhail Gorbachev, who was the last Soviet communist leader, recognised their goal. In 1996 he stated that "the threat of the ecological crisis will be an international disaster and key to unlocking the New World Order", suggesting that world leaders will use this argument not for the preservation of nature but for achieving geopolitical goals.

These geopolitical goals are part of the globalist agenda of establishing the government that would under the mask of "freedom, human rights and democracy," actually be an autocratic dictatorship created to control the entire world from one core centre.

In spite of stories of global warming, scientific data have not supported their theories. The data were consistently showing that summer temperatures are on average the same as before, while winter temperatures are slightly higher.

Also, plants use carbon dioxide for food. It is much easier and faster to absorb it from the air than from soil. With that being said, carbon dioxide absorbed from the air even increases the production of food.

In winter, while plants are in a period of dormancy, a slight rise in carbon dioxide in the air is typical, but as soon as the warmer temperatures wake up the trees that were in a state of winter ''rest'', they start to consume carbon dioxide very quickly.

In order to camouflage these seasonal cycles, scientists who were paid by green associations started to show average annual data on CO2 emissions instead of monthly or quarterly data.

Since the measurements did not show higher carbon dioxide emissions, fear of pollution was created in order to reach their imperial goals. They needed to figure out how to increase temperatures during the summer, and not just during the winter. They learned from the meteorologists that it is possible to burn forests in the summer. The fire would then create white clouds which increase temperatures at night.

Furthermore, during the day white clouds reduce sun rays which consequently results in a temperature decrease. However, the same clouds during the night reduce and decelerate cooling of the Earth. Therefore, by decelerating the process of cooling, Earth's temperature rises. Based on this discovery, they decided to create artificial white clouds during the summer by adding chemicals in jet fuels. When flying at higher altitudes, airplanes naturally produce white condensation traces which usually disappear in a few minutes, while artificial traces last for several hours.

To continue to promote the theory of global warming, Green Ideology strategists have thus created a way to at least heat up the Earth with help of the artificially created white clouds known as "chemtrails".

That is why chemtrails began to appear worldwide during summer nightfalls, usually in countries with liberal and globalist governments in power and with naive politicians who were convinced that these clouds would help to prevent global warming.

Green ideologists have found the biggest allies in oil corporations which wanted to cause global warming so that their tankers could go through the North Sea around Siberia and Alaska. The only opponents they had were innovators who would continuously increase the efficiency of renewable energy sources. That is why the development of renewable energy sources needed to be promoted while still inefficient and not fully developed. However, as soon as these energy sources would become actual competitors, further development needed to be blocked in many ways such as creating a fear of endangering animals, birds, etc.

As the story of global warming has shown remarkable results and won all the mainstream media, globalists successfully managed to enter every nature protection systems.

A vast majority of associations for nature protection which pretend to be a non-profit NGOs are actually founded by left-wing governments and their organisations.

These organisations are continually in a media war with sovereign-oriented politicians who fight for the interests of their countries rather than interests of global corporations and supporters of the new world order.

An outcome of this conflict between globalists and nationalist was a secret global war. A few of the green movement leaders who were able to figure out actual goals of this agenda were killed. Even the founder of the first Green Party, Petra Kelly, was found dead together with her partner on October 19, 1992.

In this battle for the interests of the oil lobby and the new world order, I have also unintentionally participated. In 2007, I uploaded Youtube video about the windmill with rotating sails.

I invented this windmill in 1978, and since then I have shown it at several international innovation exhibitions, but without any media or professional attention. (Windmill was patented for the first time in 1882. However, its development was stopped after that, and all the literature about it was destroyed, except for the patent file in Vienna.)

As soon as I uploaded the video, it was trending on for a week on Youtube and got more than 10 thousand views. Many other channels and sites have mentioned the video, and it reached over 30 thousand views within a month.

Suddenly I notices that 30-40 videos with the same keywords appeared every single day. Therefore, I experienced a sharp drop in viewership. Also, I saw that not even one major environmental organisation had uploaded the video on its website.

After six months, the first copy of my windmill appeared in China. One company even offered a slightly modified windmill with rotating sails on Alibaba.

To see the exact alterations, I decided to order three pieces. Then, I discovered that the company no longer existed since someone bought it and closed it. Soon, the windmill completely disappeared from the Alibaba site.

Moreover, someone commented my Youtube video saying that the windmill is essentially just a version of Savonius rotor and that the rotor has poor energy utilisation, even though the windmill is three times more efficient in energy utilisation than the Savonius rotor.

I also discovered a research by the University of Wallolong in Australia where a small model of this windmill was tested. The results of the measurements were to a high degree inconsistent. Additionally, the conclusion was that the windmill was ineffective and unpredictable. However, to distance themselves, they stated that such effects might have been due to the fact that windmill was placed near buildings, which may create drifts. The picture they provided shows that there is a lot of empty space around the building, so they could definitely set the windmill farther. After browsing the internet, I realised the reason why they did not do so- the research was paid by an American environmental society which was funded by the oil industry.

Over the next ten years, several copies with small alterations appeared all over the world, but all of these manufacturers quickly abandoned production or completely disappeared from the market.

This windmill with rotating sails placed on a house roof, combined with photocells, can ensure energy independence for family houses.

At the same time, many attempts of investment in photocells have also been sabotaged. Namely, photo panels were stimulated while still not economically efficient. However, as soon as their efficiency increased, subsidies all over the world were cancelled.

In addition, the sabotage of a new, better multi-layered and more flexible photo panels has begun. These photo panels could significantly improve photo energy efficiency and enable the energy independence for family homes.

They have also forbidden the placement of photo panels over parking lots or pedestrian lanes, where photo panels besides production, could serve as a protection from rain and sun. Such placed panels would have a number of useful functions but also a significant economic efficiency.

Satisfied with their success of the sabotage of a new green energy sources that could hurt giant multinational oil companies and enable energy independence to family households, the strategists of green ideology and oil corporations went even further. They organised the adoption of the Paris Agreement, which allegedly agreed to transfer wealth from rich countries to the third world countries.

However, that was just an excuse to increase the fuel tax, since it was the easiest and safest. That money was actually used to fund massive migration that aims to reduce the price of labour in developed countries. The other goal is to create a society in which everyone would be scared of each other. It would be accomplished by mixing races, religions, nations and cultures.

Also, additional goal is to create a society in which migrants would provide power and vote to the left globalist government. That government will in the background of civil conflicts, create a new world order.

To confuse the nationalists, they even changed terminology and replaced the term "global warming" with "climate changes". They also replaced the term "chemtrails" with the term "Stratospheric aerosol injection" or SAI which should "supposedly" reduce Earth's temperature.


Other of my technical analyzes and innovations can be found in this book.