Games, money and new technologies

Games, money and new technologies

For some people, games are pure entertainment, but for other- a source of income. Types of games have changed, but fun and work have never separated. Today's gamers who like to play games sitting, do not play chess but some other games.

A new game CrptoKitties has become very popular, although it may seem a little stupid. This virtual game is about buying and selling kittens that can even virtually reproduce. Those kittens who are more successful, have more successful descendants. Thus, many are willing to pay a lot for them, even up to $ 100,000 in cryptocurrency ether, using blockchein technology. The exchange takes place through a token on the Ethereum network, using a special CrptoKitties website.

There are no brokers, only buyers who buy directly from the seller. And without brokers, there is no fee that is usually taken by a variety of managers who know how to promptly recognise talents.

Everything is transparent and there is no possibility of any cheating. All of this has affected the further development of blockchein technology. Experts believe that this technology will enable artists to sell their work without the middlemen that earn the most out of transfer. The same technology could be used for other virtual games as well as real products. Nonetheless, this game could be used to further develop cryptocurrency.

Previous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and hundreds of others have one big flaw, and that is a possibility of significant changes in value in a short time, both up and down.

Because of this, such currencies cannot become real electronic money for the massive exchange of goods and services. In order for cryptocurrencies to become real currencies, they have to be resistant to inflation and deflation, and they need a material base in some kind of goods in which the value is difficult to change. Such cryptocurrency is the future of money.

The most prominent in the development of such cryptocurrency with a real material base is petro. The petro was launched by Venezuela after their real paper currency failed due to hyperinflation. A realistic material base for petro is oil. However, the first problem is that they have chosen the oil that has not yet been extracted from the ground. The second problem is that oil stock prices can drastically move, both up and down.

For a stable cryptocurrency, it have  necessary to offer real and mass-produced goods that exist anywhere in the world and which rarely change their value, in small percentage.

Such goods also have to have the ability to have sell easily on the market. Wheat, corn, barley and other basic nutritional raw materials have all of these features.

When was  large authorised grain storekeeper companies involve in the making of cryptocurrencies, it will be possible to create a cryptocurrency that will be used by all the people around the world for buying and selling of goods and services without high risk, brokers or banks. Such digital money could emerge as an electronic bundle of electronic warehouse receipt, bill of exchange and credit card, whereby these electronic portable warehouse receipts could be stored in warehouse computers and shared with a large number of new warehouses after each shopping at the POS store.

Authorised warehouse keepers would benefit from this currency as the interest for more extended storage of goods would increase. Warehouse keepers would charge the fee either at the moment of storing the goods or returning it back to the owners. Also, they could even earn if someone loses the device on which the goods are stored electronically.

The development of such cryptocurrency would benefit the manufacturers as well. Manufacturers would be able to sell their goods  when need, or when prices at the highest, to avoid seasonal price fluctuations. Sellers will use this  currency to avoid paying commission fees to debit and credit card publishers. Customers will use this kind of stable cryptocurrency to be able to buy from home without a retailer and the tax collectors. Contrary to that, this type of cryptocurrency will not appeal to the states and their central banks. They will do everything to keep the money circulation in their hands, developing their solvency using existing currencies and without using cash.

Despite the efforts of the states, users will nevertheless increasingly use cryptocurrencies ​​that allow them anonymity. Users especially appreciate anonymity in international trade, which some large states want to keep under their control at the expense of smaller states.

In this game between the interests of states, manufacturers, sellers and buyers, the solution that is the cheapest will triumph.

Finally, virtual games like CrptoKitties will also play a significant role in the game of interests.