The impact of sports and exercise on health

The impact of sports and exercise on health

Physical activity, either as a useful work or as a game is useful for both physical and mental health. Physical activity lowers cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, alleviates the effects of diabetes, regulates body weight, improves mental health, mood, relieves depression, anxiety and stress.
In order for these benefits of exercise to reflect on health, it is not enough to exercise only occasionally. Physical activity must be constant, but not excessive. Half an hour of walking a day can be more useful than a strenuous workout that strains your joints or muscles. Regular recreational exercise is much more beneficial for improving mood and relieving depression and anxiety than strenuous training.
Regular exercise also reduces the risk of stress, and exercise lasting at least two weeks significantly improves our ability to learn, successfully make decisions and reason.
Regular exercise in early and middle adulthood slows down the decline in mental abilities that occurs in old age, and also reduces the likelihood of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. High-intensity exercise improves our performance in information processing tasks, while moderate-intensity physical activity is better for tasks that burden our working memory and that require high attention.
In people whose self-esteem is low, playing sports significantly increases self-esteem.
Every opportunity should be used for exercise, from getting up onwards, especially older people who already have various minor injuries.
In the morning, the muscles are relaxed and this is the best time to stretch the muscles and stretch the spine. Many people have problems with their spine without even knowing it. You only notice symptoms such as tingling in your arms or legs, or stiffness in various muscles. Only when they are caught in severe pain or sciatica do they report to experts, and this usually happens in the spring. During the winter, they relax and do nothing, so their spinal muscles weaken. This leads to dislocation of the discs in the spine during a sudden load during spring work. Doctors usually offer surgery, leading to a permanent weakening of spine function. It is much better to consult a good chiropractor who knows how to position the vertebrae by centering or stretching. Centering the spine can be done quickly, but it is painful if the muscles have not relaxed before. In order to prevent pain, chiropractors first massage the muscles of the spine, and only after a good relaxation of the application is the centering procedure by twisting the spine. Another method of repairing the spine is stretching. Chiropractors do this when they want to help someone quickly and when they do not have the equipment available. They grab the man by the arms and jerk him up.
Stretching the spine is also possible on its own.
It is enough to hang your hands on a bar to separate your feet from the ground. It is good to increase the effect of gravitational stretching by twitching the arms. There are also tables on which a man lies down, attaches his feet to the rungs, and tilts the table down so that his legs go up and his head down. In this way, the lower part of the spine can be stretched by gravity. This is most effective in the morning when the muscles are relaxed.
Regular stretching of the spine can prevent a mild sprain of the spine from turning into severe and painful sciatica. Sciatica occurs when the vertebrae press on the nerve of the leg, and therefore the nerve becomes inflamed and hurts severely. However, there is often a blockage of other smaller nerves whose pain is harder to feel. The nerves that control the prostate or bladder can often be pinched. It is a common cause of inflammation of the bladder or prostate, so their function is impaired. The prostate spasms and begins to grow, putting pressure on other organs. Doctors prescribe antibiotics to suppress the inflammation, but after therapy the inflammation returns regularly. And then, when they go to a chiropractor for some other reason, prostate problems often suddenly decrease significantly.

By gently stretching your spine in the morning, many of these difficulties could be reduced.

After the morning stretch, it is good to go to the store or to work on foot, not by car, of course, if that would not waste more than half an hour.

After work it is good to arrange some activity like running, tennis, indoor soccer, or some other game.

It is also good to get a dog that forces the owner to go for a short walk every morning and every night.

Parents often take their children to trainings, but they do not exercise on their own. They could train something with the children themselves, but they do not take the children to training so that the children can play, but see sports as an opportunity for social promotion, and possible big earnings if their children become top athletes. To such ambitious parents, children and sports are a means to the realization of personal ambitions, not a welfare for the child. Today, the entire community that encourages competition also participates in this.

For the most useful recreational sport, it is enough to have a meadow and a children's playground 200 meters from the house, but many cities do not offer such cheap solutions to their residents. Instead, they are building extremely expensive halls and stadiums for a top competitive sport that has become a very profitable activity. The consequence of such a view of sports is forcing gifted children to damage their own bodies, and the complete exclusion of untalented children from the gym. The result is weight gain of those who are not talented, and entry into drugs of those who are required too much. While sport was a purely recreational amateur activity sport was a barrier to smoking and alcohol, while today sport is often the path to anabolics, steroids and other drugs that relieve pain from excessive exercise.

And anyone who would like to prevent this would have to advocate for turning parks from horticultural art monuments, into a place to play and have fun.

Every small park had to be a place for me to play, socialize and relax. To that end, the decisions of various city authorities in the formation of urban plans should favor not only leaving enough space for parking cars, but also leaving enough space for small parks every 300 to 400 meters. The construction of large residential buildings makes the construction of road, water, sewage, electricity and communication infrastructure cheaper, but cities without enough parks ultimately incur much higher costs for the treatment of diseases resulting from obesity and insufficient physical activity.

But sometimes physical activity can be harmful.

When a person is ill and has a fever, physical activity can be dangerous to health. The disease need to rest, especially the flu or corona. These diseases cause the blood to clot which can clog the capillaries every time a person he breathes heavily and his heart starts beating faster. The corona creates about 9 times more microthrombi in the blood than the flu and they can stay in the blood for more than half a year. During this period, any intense physical activity is dangerous. Fifteen days after overcoming the covid19 crown a man can end up in the hospital after walking a few miles, while obese after filling up on foot to the third floor can end up in the hospital. A month after overcoming the covid19, intense effort for more than half an hour can take a person to a respirator.

That's why you should be careful with sports.

While pleasant and regular it is very useful, but during and after some illnesses it must be very moderate.