Lies and manipulations of climate science.

Lies and manipulations of climate science.

A hundred years ago, the most popular science was Eugenics. She claimed that human races arose by random natural selection from different species of apes. It was written about every day in the newspapers, and ordinary people also discussed how to recognize who belongs to which race and how to improve their own race. Hitler believed this science, and decided to cleanse the German race of lower human races, especially Jews.
But not only Hitler believed it.
All the majority Protestant countries introduced their racial laws before Hitler came to power in Germany. Protestants have been known as great believers in science since their inception. The only difference between them and Hitler was in the cleaning method. The majority Protestant states intended to do this gradually, by sterilizing members of lower races, separating their children from them by avoiding treatment of lower races, and similar ways. Many blacks in the USA, many Indians and Eskimos in Canada, many Lapps in the Nordic countries and many Aborigines in Australia and New Zealand have felt this on their skin. Hitler decided to speed it up with a rapid and massive liquidation of the lower races.
At the trial in Nunberg, Hitler's collaborators were convicted for what they did, but the eugenics that led them to it was not convicted. Eugenicists preached their theory in Western universities until the beginning of the sixties when some experimental scientists discovered the genetic code and thus proved that all people come from the same ancestors. The professors of eugenics then removed the inscriptions of Dr. Eugenics from their chairs and put the inscriptions of Dr. Genetics.

The situation is similar today.
Climate change is being debated all over the world, and even ordinary people who don't know anything about climate, but believe in science, are leading the debate.
Climatologists tell us that in the last 50 years the average temperature in the world has increased by a degree, or a degree and a half. And it rose the most in the summer, which is why large forest fires occur, which further increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. This allegedly further increases the air temperature. And how much the temperature rises, they always publish only average results for individual years, but never for individual months.
In addition to not wanting to give results by month, they do not explain how they arrived at these measurement results and analytical conclusions.
50 years ago, there were meteorological measuring stations near big cities in small parks. Today, there are many more measuring stations installed everywhere. In order for the results of the comparison to be relevant, only the results of measurements at the same measuring stations can be compared. If you compare the results of measurements at a measuring station in the city center with 50-year-old measurements at a station near the city, it's like comparing apples and pears. The cities are full of black asphalt roads that raise the temperature in the cities, which is why the highest daily temperature in the cities during sunny weather is several degrees higher than outside the cities.
There are elderly people who can easily refute all such measurement results with their memory. 50 years ago, I often played with marbles in the street in the summer at a temperature of 39 degrees. I have not experienced such a temperature in the last ten years. 50 years ago I went to school every winter through deep snow, and in the last ten years I have rarely seen snow, and only for a few days. 50 years ago, the air temperature in December and January was usually between -10 and -30. Positive temperatures in these months were very rare, and the average temperature in these two months was around -15 degrees. Today, the temperatures in December and January are usually well above zero, and it is easy to calculate that the winter temperatures did not rise by a degree or two, but much higher. They rose by an average of 15 to 20 degrees.
Based on personal memory, anyone over the age of 50 can very easily conclude that climatologists are lying, but the question is why they are lying.

If climatologists would admit that the temperatures in December and January are much higher than they admit, many would wonder if this is really happening only because of the use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are used both in summer and winter, so the temperature should rise equally in summer and winter.
Climatologists are happy to publish how much carbon dioxide is released into the air by traffic, thermal power plants, heating buildings, the construction industry, livestock, or agriculture. But they never say how much CO2 is released into the air by deciduous forests in winter. Leaves fall to the ground and rot over the winter, and are the largest source of carbon in the air, far greater than all other sources. The amount of CO2 in the air begins to rise sharply in October and continues to grow until April. And then, when the trees leaf out and the grass starts to grow, the amount of CO2 in the air drops sharply, and by June it drops to the level it was 50 years ago. Climatologists know this but hide it. There are several agencies that have satellites that measure the amount of different gases in the air. But these agencies only publish annual averages of the amount of individual gases in the air, even though they have data for every month, day and hour. These raw data can only be accessed by the governments of certain countries and certain scientific agencies that have a certificate and a password to access the data. In order to receive the certificate, they must sign a contract according to which they will not transmit raw data to anyone, nor analytical conclusions. Supposedly for copyright protection. The real reason for hiding the satellite measurement results is of course completely different. It is necessary to satisfy the orders of donors who financed various environmental organizations, movements, and even launching satellites into space.
Orders are very simple.
They should present themselves as the conscience of humanity.
They seem to be fighting for our better future, but in fact they are just pretending to be fighting. They constantly advertise technological solutions that will replace oil and gas, but only as long as these solutions are economically unprofitable. About thirty years ago, they advertised solar collectors for heating water, but today they are silent about it. This technology in hotels and motels pays for itself in 3-4 years and it is a serious competitor to the oil industry, so it should be hidden. Ecologists and climatologists have also strongly advertised windmills, and today, when they are economically profitable in some locations, ecologists and climatologists are increasingly realizing that windmills are dangerous for birds.
If climatologists discovered that deciduous trees pollute the air the most in winter, many would wonder why this did not happen earlier. Why are our winters without snowy joys for children?
The answer is very simple.
100 years ago, most forests were mixed, with a lot of deciduous trees, but also with a lot of evergreen trees and shrubs. Even the swamp trees were overgrown with evergreen ivy. Evergreen trees take CO2 from the air through photosynthesis in the summer and convert it into sugars. In winter, trees breathe and release CO2 into the air, but much more is created by fallen leaves rotting on the ground. However, evergreen plants perform photosynthesis in both summer and winter. These plants also constantly throw away some rotting leaves, but the amount of CO2 that these plants take from the air in both summer and winter is much higher. That is why the old mixed forests kept the level of CO2 in the air at a much lower level than it is today. Montenegrin trees are massively cut down by the timber industry as timber, and when planting new trees they plant deciduous fast-growing plantations. On these plantations there is no place for evergreen shrubs, or evergreen ivy. Such plants are treated as forest weeds.
This business policy of the wood industry is best suited to the oil industry. Raising the average winter temperature by 15 degrees prevents freezing of the northern sea passages where it is much cheaper to transport oil by tankers. Keeping these northern shipping routes navigable is so important to the oil industry and other big shipping companies that they are willing to make huge donations to climatologists, environmentalists and the green movement to keep lying about climate change. The great warming of the atmosphere in December and January must continue to be hidden, and it is easiest to hide it by pointing to the large forest fires in the summer. In order for there to be as many fires as possible, it is necessary that there be as much low vegetation as possible in these forests, which transmits fire well in the summer. Once upon a time, cows, sheep and goats grazed those plants, but today these animals have been banished to barns. The forests are overgrown and burn easily, and well-paid ecologists who have discovered that cattle produce methane, as if they did not produce it even while grazing in pastures and forests, are worried about allowing cattle to graze freely in the forests again. In addition to ecologists, hunting associations, which are very strong in many countries and which also receive donations from the oil industry, are concerned about the prohibition of free grazing. And the foresters also do not like shepherds walking around their forests who might notice when they illegally sell the highest quality logs to someone.