A raised garden

A raised garden

In recent years, in many countries, they did raised gardens have emerged.

In some greenhouses, vegetables are grown on more floors.

In Israel, some farmers breed strawberries in a meter raised with large pots.

Many gardeners increasingly make a meter of high wooden crates where they grow vegetables or flowers.

The advantage of such upgraded gardens is that when planting or harvesting fruits, people do not have to bend to the with according to ground.

 In such a garden and invalids in a wheelchair can to harvest the fruits ripen.

Plants are protected from moving animals on the ground.

Below these uplifted gardens it is possible to keep small animals such as dogs, hens, ducks, goats and small ornamental animals. The garden can be placed above the lawn, but also above the concrete floor. It can be placed in open spaces, but also within greenhouses.

The problem is the cost of construction and maintenance.

Larges pots have their own price.

If the pots are made of wood after a few years can rot.

Such elevated garden can also be built from waste car tires. Such waste tires are free but very durable. Only a small amount of work is required for their processing and installation. When set once can last for years. Each hobby of vegetable or flower growers can put them in their yard. They can be placed along the edge of the lawn, and below them can be played by children, or pets.


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