How to make a raft from old automotive tires and plastic bottles?

How to make a raft from old automotive tires and plastic bottles?

Many people made a floating raft of plastic bottles. Empty plastic bottles are placed in nylon sacks, or nets. Wooden pallets are placed on this floating structure.

This raft has a large load capacity, but it is sensitive to large waves, and strokes in stones. Sharp objects can break plastic bottles, and nylon meshes, and the raft can break down.

This problem of durability and strength can be easily solved.

Plastic bottles can be put in old car tires.

Such tires are highly impact resistant and can protect the bottles from shocks. Tires should be tightly connected to each other by plastic ropes.

On such a construction of old car tires set up wooden beams that are firmly attached for with tires the plastic ropes.

On the wood beams are placed on wooden planking .

By placing wooden planking the raft is completed.

This raft can be descended down the river, and it can withstand the blows of big waves.

Lightweight wooden houses can be set up on the raft, so we get durable, solid, wooden floating house.

From such rafts can be made and floating docks for mooring small boats.

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