Mobile bunker so this bunker becomes

Mobile bunker so this bunker becomes

Bunkers are military objects that protect against enemy fire, grenades and explosions. Their purpose is to protect people and equipment in the bunker.

In World War II, the Germans had small mobile bunkers where 1 person could stand and shoot.

Today, many armed forces use reinforced containers as mobile booths for the vacation rest of the soldiers in them. But these containers do not serve as a combat tool, but for rest. Today's armored vehicles are strong enough to withstand pedestrian fire, but not for landing in the ground

Bunkers are most often made at in a combat position. Earth, sand, or stones are additional protection. The bunker itself must be strong enough to withstand the explosion in the immediate vicinity.

Since it is bunkers can not always build fast enough, each army should have a certain number of mobile bunkers that can quickly lead to burial sites.

In order to make the bunker inexpensive, it is desirable to use reinforced concrete instead of steel for construction.

In order to be solid enough in concrete, glass fibers need to be put in place to give fiber concrete.

To be light enough a bunker does not have to have the bottom and bottom of the page. Suffice it to have the roof, the top of the page, and the metal door.

The wheel coupling should be movable to allow the bunker to slide at the transport and lower the combat position.

The size of the bunker should be large enough for two people to lie inside and the third to look at the environment.

So this bunker becomes capable of an independent battle.


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