Front protective trailer for military vehicles

Front protective trailer for military vehicles

In military vehicles in the war zone, the problem is mines are buried in the road. When a vehicle hits a buried mine, most of the mines explode in front of the front wheels above which the driver or passenger is.

In order to reduce the danger to the crew, it is possible to set up a smaller trailer with more functions in front of the vehicle.

The first function is in the case of a mine attack mine it explodes beneath the trailer, not under the vehicle with the crew.

The second function is trasports in the trailer less important equipment that will not be significantly damaged in the event of an explosion.

The third function of the trailer is that it can serve as a boat in the event of a coming to the river.

The fourth function is that it can serve as the roof of the shelter,

So the hole is excavate and the trailer is placed on the hole.

This front trailer (3) is placed in front of a fighter or cargo vehicle. On the front of the vehicle (1) is mounted a coupling element (2) that is firmly connected to the vehicle (1). This coupling element (2) at the front end has a pipe (4) which is pushed onto the axle of the trailer (5).

So the vehicle (1) is connected with the trailer (3).

The trailer axle (5) can rotate inside the tube (4) on which it is mounted. This changes the direction of movement of the front trailer (3) when changing the direction of movement of the vehicle (1).

In this way, the front trailer (3) is constantly moving in front of the vehicle (1) and in the case of explosive mines it explodes beneath the front trailer (3) and not below the vehicle (1).

In this way, the crew of the vehicle (1) is protected from the explosion, and the likelihood of injury to humans is considerably lower.

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