How did the old Egyptians lift the Obelisk on a pedestal?

How did the old Egyptians lift the Obelisk on a pedestal?

Obelisk is a large monolithic stone block with four pages narrowing to the top. At the top is a small pyramid covered with electrodes, which is a mixture of gold and silver.

The obelis were placed in a pair in front of the temple. They were a symbol of the sun and reminded of a cult of erect stones that "rested" the Sun after the fall. They were laid in front of RA Sunshine RA and represented Ra's relationship with pharaohs. Some Obelis had between 200 and 500 tons, and it was not easy to set them upright. The Roman emperors transferred to Rome 13 Obelisk as the trophy of the victory over Rome over Egypt.

Egyptologists believe that hundreds of people have been involved in the erection of Obelisk in a vertical position. They first drew them to the elevation from the ground where they landed on the stand, and then the ground around the basement was removed.

However, this whole job can be done with a much smaller number of people and with much less work.

 The old masters did not have construction faculties, nor did they have modern cranes, but they knew how to think.

All knowledge gained work and only the best progress in their profession. They knew very well how to use lever, roller, coil, ropes and other basic mechanical aids.

One of the most important tools in the work was wood, in particular a large tree, vertically placed in the air, which placed various jobs in the pyramidal structures that served as a support for lifting and transporting loads.

To lift the Obelisk that lays on the ground, the most important force is to point it up, and you need to find a support in the air.

This can be easily achieved through one or more vertically placed wooden beams. The rope connects to one side with Obelisk and the other for the wooden beams. While wooden beams with windlings hanging downward, Obelisk rises upward. With good preparation, a whole few jobs can be done by a few people in a few days.


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