How do bumpers for large ships can turn into rescue boats?

How do bumpers  for large ships can turn into rescue boats?

Bumpers, or fenders are the ship's equipment that protects the sides shackles of the boat from strokes in the docks while staying in the harbors.

Fenders are usually made of solid rubber and are filled with air, and can be filled with foam rubber. Smaller ships have small bumpers, while larger ships have large bumpers. Some large buffers for big ships also have additional reinforcement made from automotive tires.

All larger ships must have fenders, and they must also have rescue boats.

These two obligations could turn into one obligation.

The bove could be made so that the event of a boat crash, they was could be turned into rescue boats.

In large boves for large ships, an elastic steel armor could be installed, as like in large automotive tires.

Steel egg-shaped spirals would be placed in the walls of fenders.

Each fenders should have an opening that is normally closed in normal condition, and in the event of a ship crash this opening could be opened. The opening should be wide enough to allow an adult to enter it. Every fenders should have elastic seats, and within the seat of the most essential equipment, water and durable food to survive.

In the event of an accident, the crew and passengers would enter the fenders that would float to the savior's departure.

After entering the boves, they could be shut down so that people could survive the strongest storms, or the big waves spilling over them.

Every fenders should have a device that automatically sends a SOS call.


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