How do make a floating garden in swamps and lakes?

How do make a floating garden in swamps and lakes?

Many people in the world occasionally made the boats on which they set their sailing gardens.

Such gardens are usually very expensive.

Some primitive peoples living in swampy areas have also made floating gardens on the cane or grass surface. Such gardens are cheap, but they are also short-lived. Usually they last one season until the substrate rot.

A very simple and inexpensive floating garden can be made from waste automotive tires and empty plastic bottles. This floating garden can last for years. It can be expanded by stacking some automotive tires into a series. It can be moved from one place to another. It is very resistant to waves and wind. The floating garden is fixed for anchors of stones or concrete blocks. Planting plants and picking fruits is done by small boat. And the plant never needs to be watered.

Making the floating garden is very simple.

Empty plastic bottles are placed in the car tire.

Plastic bottles carry a garden on the water, and the old automotive tires protects against waves.

Inside tires are also placed there smaller plastic bottles. On these plastic bottles are put on branches and straws. The land is put on this straws. Plants to grow in the ground. The roots of plants through the soil and the straw come to the water below. In this way the plants have the water they need, and they also take the minerals out of the water.

Each car tire is a small garden, and by placing more tires in the row the garden extends to the length that suits us. Tires can be interconnected and set to the place that suits us. In addition, the plants are protected from sheep, pigs, cows and goats that can enter unprotected gardens and do damage.

This kind of garden can swampes and lakes turn into surfaces to produce cheap, healthy, ecological foods, as the plants need neither watering nor fertilizing.